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Teach Yourself (or Your Kids) CNC with TheMotionKit

3 days ago

Ever see cool motion control projects made with the current technology and thought “wow, I wish I could do that.” Now you can learn the skills you needor even teach…


Art + 3D Printing Show What This Delta 3D Printer Can Do

4 days ago

3D printing inspires us all (even if it only inspires us to be inspired). Whether it’s clothes or a drivable car, 3D printing is becoming more ingrained in our minds…


Behind the Design: The Engineering + Art in Motion of Derek Hugger

2 weeks ago

Interdisciplinary innovation is expanding and Derek Hugger believes art and engineering should be no exception. The artist and woodworker uses intricate engineering designs to put nature and mesmerizing kaleidoscopics of…

Kansas City artist Asheer Akram (middle) rolled into the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in fine style Thursday evening. Akram, whose father was Pakistani, just completed his own Pakistani cargo truck with a Midwest twist. Akram, his crew, and several area artists collaborated to create the rolling work of art that will be part of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art's Echoes: Islamic Art & Contemporary Artists exhibition which opens Saturday. The truck is actually a mobile studio and workshop to help raise cultural awareness. Shortly after arriving, he spoke to the crowd of about 500 people who turned out for the event, including Mayor Sly James (rear).

DigiFabRes | Kansas City Artist Asheer Akram Presents: Pakistani Cargo Truck

2 weeks ago

You know when you meet someone who has worked harder than most and exudes a tenacity that is inspiring? This past year we were quite lucky to meet someone who…


Audi Recreates Their Iconic 1936 Silver Arrow with In-House DMLS 3D Printer

2 weeks ago

It seems as though in order to gain attention these days, automaker are increasingly looking outside of the cars they make and into new technologies that validate their credibility as…


This Breakfast Machine Could Be What’s Next for Home Automation

2 weeks ago

For some, it only exists if it includes mounds of bacon and a steaming stack of syrup-soaked hot cakes. For others, it’s as simple as a bowl of shredded wheat…


Professional-Grade DIY Photo Studio for #3DBenchy and Other Tiny Things

2 weeks ago

Creative Tools, the same company that brought us #3DBenchy, the free 3D printer torture test model, recently released a new open-source, DIY 3D-printing project to make photographing small objects easier…


Adidas Turns to Milling a Single Piece of Leather for Their Latest Futurecraft Shoe

2 weeks ago

Having just shared their concept for a 3D printed shoe – or, midsole – only last month, Adidas has shared the next chapter of their next ‘Futurecraft’ series; but this…


MakerNurse Encourages the DIY Ethic with Medical Makerspaces

3 weeks ago

So many projects being posted on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter – the DIY culture is booming. All over the country makerspaces are popping up are pouring out products of those…