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Joris Laarman’s Open Source Chair is Now Available to Download and Print

1 week ago

When bringing up the topic of digitally fabricated furniture, it’s difficult to not bring up Joris Laarman’s infamous Bone Chair (which is one part of an entire Bone Furniture collection)….


The Odin: Designing a Dog Toy That Both Humans and Dogs Will Like

2 weeks ago

There is something delightful about the Odin Kickstarter video. I can’t decide if it’s because the project was created by a small family with a bright idea (dog included) or…


Some Lucky Kid Will Get to Wear This Incredible 3D Printed Iron Man Prosthetic Hand

2 weeks ago

When your first design objective is ‘It Needs to Look Awesome’, chances are it will probably not only look awesome but BE awesome, too. Such is the case with mechanical…


‘One Skateboard at a Time': How Chapman Skateboards Creates a Skate Deck From Scratch

3 weeks ago

Having been manufacturing skateboard decks since 1991, Long Island, NY-based Chapman Skateboards have been the number-one supplier of skateboard decks for the largest East Coast skate brands including Zoo York,…


Prevent Bloody Nubs With Jude Pullen’s 3D Printed Rabbet Tool

3 weeks ago

By the looks of your scarred hands covered in dried glue and scabs, I’m guessing you like to cut up a few sheet of cardboard here and there for building…


Roland DG Launches Their monoFab Desktop 3D Printer and Mill Series…and They Look Great

4 weeks ago

…and the flood of desktop 3D printers keeps on coming. MakerBot, Stratasys and FormLabs are just a few of the models to hit the market over the years and even…

Yep, that vehicle’s body was made with either Birch, Maple or Ash. Now that’s luxury!

We Can’t Stop Watching These Videos of Cars Being Fabricated Out of Wood

4 weeks ago

It’s hard to imagine that back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, some vehicle manufacturers were building their cars with wood frames (nobody cared too much about safety standards…


5AXISMAKER Wants to Put an Entire Prototyping Shop on Your Desktop With Their 5-Axis Multi-Fabricator

4 weeks ago

The 5AXISMAKER puts a mill, 3D scanner, 3D printer, water cutter and wire cutter into one desktop box.
Changing the machines function is done through a simple head swap, making it both easy and versatile.


GE is Crowdsourcing Home Appliance Designs Like Local Motors Does for Cars

1 month ago

Having worked out considerably well for Local Motors, the crowdsourced design business model is certainly something on the radar of companies in other industries. The approach not only stirs up…