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Large Scale 3D Printed Nanostructures Possible

2 days ago

A newly invented process could enable large-scale use of nano-printed metal materials. 3D printing is most often done at a visible scale, but for many years researchers have sought methods…


This On-the-Fly 3D Printer Makes a Lo-Fi Wireframe While You Model

3 days ago

Traditional digital fabrication of 3D models relies on first completing the model, or a piece of it, sending it through the slicing software, generating the g-code, eating a sandwich, then…


Jörg Sprave’s Version of Pokémon Go Involves a Poké Ball-Launching Double-Barrel Pump Gun

4 days ago

While he may be best known for warding off zombies with skull piercing “Brain Slicer” arrowheads or prepping for lethal milk and cookies with his Oreo Separation Pump Gun, Jörg…


Watch the Brute Force of Linear Friction Welding in Mind-Numbing 32x Slow Motion

5 days ago

Commonly used to seamlessly join dissimilar materials with different melting points, friction welding has been used to manufacture everything from airplane parts and rocket thruster tanks to even space shuttles…


Creative Commons Investigating Ways To Better License 3D Designs

1 week ago

Creative Commons recently held a workshop to identify ways to move forward in providing better ways to license 3D content. While “CC” licenses have long been used to protect digital…


Behind the Design | Designing for Impact with the GravityLight

1 week ago

While those in the Western world may not think twice about flipping the light switch on at night, off-grid communities such as those in sub–Saharan African have come to rely…


Behind the Design | How Gotta Groove Records Gets That Warm and Fuzzy Vinyl Sound

1 week ago

With vinyl record sales surging at a 28 year high, it’s no surprise that among those celebrating the resurgence of that “warm and fuzzy sound” are the vinyl manufacturers themselves….


Watch the Fascinating 24-Step Process of Manufacturing Tennis Balls from Scratch

1 week ago

Originally made from leather and stuffed with wool, today’s tennis balls are manufactured from raw rubber to have an optimal bounce height that can make or break a play for…


How I Built an Ultra Quiet Shop Compressor from Refrigerator Parts

2 weeks ago

I needed to build a very quiet, high-capacity compressor for making ID models and prototypes in my shop. The one I have is quite loud and doesn’t have the capacity…