Disco solidsmack the smack is what you lack

SolidSmack gets around. You know it. Here’s how we deal with that and things we need to disclose so you know what we write about comes straight from our beating hearts. By the way, none of the people or companies we work with has any say or editorial power over the content that goes on SolidSmack. We just want to get that out there.

Industry events

SolidSmack attends industry events hosted by various CAD industry vendors. This most often involves them paying for conference fees, hotels and occasionally flights to the event. If they don’t pay for flights, we try to get them too with compliments about their yappy dogs. Any post, articles or coverage of the event is left solely up to SolidSmack with no input or editing from the event host or sponsors.


You’ll notice SolidSmack has ads, lot’s of big ones. That’s how we fund this operation and pay for the enormous cereal intake required to put out such awesome content. If you would like to not have ads, contact us and we’ll show you the donation box that accepts extra large checks. But, just like our advertiser, you won’t have any say in the content, editorial or images that cover a product or service (or the amount of said content about such product or service). We are brutal, I know.


We will occasionally share a product or service via an affiliate link. This is an additional revenue stream and hopefully one that will lead us away from a lot of distracting banner ads. Our intent is to only share products that compliment the content on SolidSmack, help you out with what you do or generally make life more fun. The use of affiliate links has no bearing on whether we feature a product or not; in short, products are featured only because they meet editorial standards. We currently have an affiliate relationship with several stores including: Amazon, Ebay and StackCommerce.  Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to verify if we have an affiliate relationship with a specific company.


Occasionally, we will be given software or hardware to use and review. Sometimes we don’t have to send it back, sometimes we give it away in a contest, sometimes we toss it through a window (not really, but yeah, really). The software we receive/review is usually labeled ‘not for resale’ (NFS), which means, no, I can’t sell it to your uncle so he can give it to you.

Wondering about anything? Feel free to contact us and ask.