Now that the world is slowly returning back to normal, more and more people are coming out of their holes and starting to travel. But even after a hiatus from trekking, carrying and storing your luggage is still as bulky and cumbersome as it once was. LITO suitcase will save you from that.

The LITO suitcase looks to give you that spacious luggage compartment you so desire while still making it easy to store. It works very much like a regular wheeled suitcase, only it allows you to fold it down once you’ve arrived at your home or destination – effectively reducing the amount of space it takes up.

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This is all thanks to the LITO’s folding mechanism, which consists of 4 folding panels located insides the case. When the situation requires smaller luggage, you just fold in these panels and the LITO shrinks down from 25 or 28 cm wide to just 15 cm.

lito suitcase

The LITO suitcase comes in carry-on and check-in variants. The carry-on version measures 21.3″ tall and 9.8″ wide with a carry capacity of 40 L when unfolded. The larger check-in variant stands at 25.2″ and has an unfolded width of 11″, allowing for a carry capacity of 70 L.

Aside from the folding panels, the LITO suitcase also has your standard luggage features. It’s got four 360° rolling wheels which make transportation easier, a 15.6″ laptop pocket located at the front of the suitcase, and a 1-click TSA omni-opening lock that secures both the laptop pocket and main compartment.

lito suitcase

It’s hard to believe that the LITO’s outer shell is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles. Each suitcase saves 50 bottles and around 5.1 lbs of plastic from ending up as waste – so you’re doing the world a service by recycling wastes! Apart from plastic bottles, the other parts of the LITO are made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

lito suitcase

lito suitcase

What’s cool is that members of the LITO community (which I assume are early backers) had a hand in designing the final product. Aspects of the suitcase, such as the handle type and lock mechanism for the front opening, were put to a poll for the community to vote on. The winning features were then implemented into the LITO.

Its release will probably not be that long since the project already has a funding of €95,512 on Indiegogo and extra funding of €92,200. A full list of the suitcase’s specs can be found on the LITO Indiegogo page.


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