At first glance, these pants look just like any pair you can find in the department store. I mean, the base design for jeans hasn’t changed in over a hundred years. Surely there can’t be more to improve on it?

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Think again because the 5 (+) Pocket Performance Pants are looking to bring jeans into the 21st century. These pants don’t have glowing LED lights or battery chargers like you would imagine from films like Back To The Future. Instead, the changes it brings to the table are subtle and more practical.

 5 (+) Pocket Performance Pants

Let’s look at the smart fabric for starters. These pants are sturdy and made from 51% cotton, 41% polyester, and 4% elastane. They can stretch a great deal and allow for a wide range of movements, solving one of the biggest problems people have with denim jeans. The 5 (+) Pocket Performance Pants are wrinkle-resistant as well, letting you roll the bottoms without worry. They’ve even got reflective inner seams, allowing you to be seen by passing vehicles at night!

All 5 (+) Pocket Performance Pants are custom-made, meaning you have to give your measurements when ordering a pair. You can provide as little information like your height, weight, and waistline, and Woodies Clothing (the company behind the pants) will use some fancy algorithms to tailor your pants precisely for you.

 5 (+) Pocket Performance Pants

What caught my eye is how these pants protect you. The fabric is water and stain-resistant, so food and liquids slide right off. As someone who can be classified as a klutz, I appreciate any effort to make cleanups easier.

 5 (+) Pocket Performance Pants

But what’s more remarkable is that the back pockets contain two hidden pockets within their recesses. You can use these secret pockets to store essential objects like your wallet. And thanks to the added security of RFID-blocking tech lined into them, they can be handy if you’re going to an event where personal space is a myth.

 5 (+) Pocket Performance Pants

The pants come in navy, black, burgundy, grey, and olive green and can be fitted to a regular, slim, or extra slim fit. It costs US165 retail for a pair of 5 (+) Pocket Performance Pants (US$95 if you’re an early bird adopter), so these are definitely on the pricier side. If you want a pair of good quality pants that can last long, I’d say there are worse things to spend your money on.

The 5 (+) Pocket Performance Pants are currently on Kickstarter and have US$ 86,036 funded out of their US$10,000 goal. It still accepts some support, so consider checking it out if you like innovative apparel which isn’t too futuristic.


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