To get you ready for the spooky festive season, YouTuber The Q has thought of a way to quadruple your Halloween costume points. How? By creating four skeleton doppelgangers!

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Making the Skeletal Framework

quaruple skeleton costume

Making the bodies of the skeletons requires a bunch of PVC pipes, some pipe fittings, and a few hooks. Cut the pipes using your body measurements as a basis, so the skeletons could have the same body dimensions as yours. Connect these pipes using the fittings until you have yourself 4 identical rib cages.

Arms, Legs, and Appendages

quaruple skeleton costume

To get your skeletons to move, you’ll need some hooks placed on the edges of the upper and lower ribs. This will allow you to hang a couple of extra PVC pipe appendages which will serve as your skeletons’ upper arms and legs. Don’t forget to add hooks on both sides of the appendages, so you can add some extra flair later with some 3D printed bones!

Putting Some Meat on Bones

quaruple skeleton costume

I know this is supposed to be a skeleton costume, but it can’t hurt to give your skeleton buddies some bulk. Find some PVC pipes with diameters roughly matching the size of your shoulders and pelvis and fit them on the skeletons. Not only will this shape out your skeletons, but it will also be much easier to fit wacky outfits onto them!

Connecting the Skeletons

quaruple skeleton costume

Connect the skeletons using PVC pipes with the length of your choice. But prior to this, you might want to find 4 identical shirts (5 including yours) that you don’t mind discarding after Halloween. This is because to get the whole crew to move, you need to cut some sections of the shirts to properly attach the pipes.

quaruple skeleton costume

Depending on your preference, you can use short or long garments for the lower body. Shorts are great since you don’t have to poke holes in them and they make it easy to add some extra 3D-printed skeletal legs at the bottom. Just remember that you have to run another length of PVC pipe here so that you can get all the skeleton legs to move!

quaruple skeleton costume

The Q had also 3D printed a bunch of skeletal hands and legs and attached them to the appendages. To get these guys to move together, he connected the joints using some metal wire and a metal pipe. To cap it all off, he had 3D printed four skulls and placed them on each of his skeletons.

It’s Time To Move!

quaruple skeleton costume

You’ll have to attach a harness somewhere at the top of the ribs, so you can securely fasten the whole thing on your body. You will also need to create some ties around your wrists, ankles, and knees. It will take some time but once you’ve strapped yourself in, you’ll be able to freely control your skeletons’ movements!

It may feel a bit clunky and you won’t be able to sit down, but controlling four skeletons simultaneously with your body is something I’m sure no one in your neighborhood would have thought of this Halloween. And considering this thing weighs 23 pounds (10.43 kg), you better get a whole sack of candy for all your hard work!


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