There are lots of things needed to produce the world’s most transparent ice. If you are wondering what you need to try the project at home: it’s a clothes iron. Weird, isn’t it? Well, it is not for an ice manufacturer in Japan that produces its clear blocks using the said appliance.

In a video by YouTube channel Bites, we find out how the ice manufacturer does it.

YouTube video

According to Toyosuke Nakasone of Cue Walk, pouring water on the ice changes its temperature drastically in an instant. This can cause the ice block to crack. The best tool for the job is a clothes iron with an aluminum base. By slowly running the iron along the surface of the ice, it becomes crystal clear.

ironing ice

He even has a special tube for making transparent ice balls! After the machine has carved out the balls from the ice, they are hammered out with a mallet. Nakasone-san will then put the balls through what I surmise is a preheated metal tube – further rounding the sphere and turning it transparent.

And what would you use the transparent ice for?

ironing ice

Apart from keeping your food and drinks cool, they can also be used as a canvas for some amazing art. By drilling a hole on one side of the ice, you can work the drill bit inside and carve out some inspiring shapes. Once the shapes are finalized, food coloring can be poured into the hole to give it some color. Finally, the hole is plugged up with ice to make it look like the piece is forever suspended in a frozen block.

ironing ice

If you’re in Japan and want to check out some clear ice and cool ice art for either your drinks or an upcoming event, check out Cue Walk.


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