No one likes smelly odors in their living quarters, but no one likes spending tons of money on expensive air purifiers and multiple cans of toxic air fresheners. So instead of holding in your farts or wasting money, why not check out AirHero?

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This air purifier isn’t as expensive or energy-consuming as its electrical counterparts, nor does it emanate any strange odors. It simply removes any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and moisture from the air – nothing more, nothing less.


The AirHero has a unique triple-piece design. It is cut into three segments – one semicircle and two quarter circles. The semicircle covers an area of 360 feet (perfect for a living room or kitchen), while the quarter circle is best for 180-foot spaces like closets and cabinets. It can even be put inside the fridge, bags, shoes, and even pet huts! When combined, the circular AirHero measures 3.9 inches on all sides – just the perfect size for it to be unintrusive.


The way the AirHero goes about air purification is entirely natural. Nested inside its tear-proof SMS composite linen housing are pieces of pulverized coconut charcoal. These charcoal pieces absorb VOCs and moisture in the air, purifying and dehumidifying the surrounding area. So really, the AirHero is an air purifier and dehumidifier rolled into one.

You can store the AirHero inside your room, closet, car, or even in your gym bag. No matter where it is, the air purifier will clean and dehumidify its surroundings in 24 hours. That’s a lot of time to clean up the air but considering it isn’t electrically powered, I’d say its purifying time is justified.


Reactivating the odor-adsorbing power of the AirHero is easy. Just place it in a spot with direct sunlight every month, and you can enjoy its benefit for up to two years. After those years of use and the AirHero has served you well, you can take the coconut charcoal inside and use it as fertilizer for your plants.

People must be thinking greener because the AirHero is already fully funded on its Kickstarter page. It currently has a total funding of US$15,662, a little more than US$5,000 above its US$10,000 goal.


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