Washing dishes with a sponge is often a nightmare for those who can’t afford a dishwasher. Most soaps aren’t skin-friendly, while the sponge can be rough at times. Worse, the latter can turn into a breeding ground of bacteria if not replaced over time. That’s where Spongik comes in. This 3-in-one sponge set is made from natural materials, making the dishwashing task safer for you and the environment.

The 3 Sponges


The waterdrop shape is more than just for show. It is ergonomically designed so you can clean every single nook and cranny of those dirty dishes, such as the bottom of a wine glass or the spaces between a fork’s teeth. On the other hand, you’ll be using the broader part of the sponge to scrub plates and bowls.


There are three types of Spongik sponges. The basic sponge is 100% cellulose and doesn’t have a scouring pad. The pro sponge is just like the basic sponge but has a scouring pad made from 100% hemp. Finally, the smart sponge has a cellulose body and hemp scouring pad infused with dishwashing soap.

The chemical-free soap inside the smart sponge reduces bacteria build-up and lasts approximately 20 washes. So while it saves you from purchasing dishwashing liquid, you want to keep a backup smart sponge around the house in case the first one runs out of soap. Also, to aid the dishwashing soap’s mission in keeping the sponge clean, you want to hang your sponges on the provided sponge dryer.

The Diatomite Dryer


The dryer is made from diatomaceous earth and absorbs moisture and bacteria before drying it internally. Since bacteria thrive in wet environments, the dryer will ensure they die before getting a chance to breed in your sponge. And don’t worry: diatomaceous earth is found in household products such as toothpaste and dietary supplements, so you know it’s safe! The dryer even comes in different colors, too!


With a dryer and three sponge types in a set, the product is marketed as a 3-in-one sponge set. And given the biodegradable components of the Spongik sponges, they are also deemed environmentally safe.

Thankfully, Indiegogo backers already funded this environmentally-safe alternative to regular sponges, so you can look forward to its completion sometime shortly. Until then, you can find more Spongik information on the Indiegogo webpage.


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