Action figures are always better when they have moving parts. This wooden Chevrolet Silverado carving by YouTuber Woodworking Art is no exception. 

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While the artist could have made a static carving and called it a day, he added a few extra pieces to give the wooden pickup some much-appreciated articulation.

A Comfy Interior With Adjustable Seats

wooden Chevy Silverado

Hollowing out the massive piece of Fujian cypress provided space for Woodworking Art to stretch his creative muscles. He installed rear seats in the back while front seats with working recliners were placed in the middle. Way up in the front, you can find a well-sculpted dashboard with all the knobs, buttons, and even a couple of cup holders.

wooden Chevy Silverado

Most impressive, nonetheless, is the steering wheel. It connects to the two front tires via bolts acting as tie rods and a wooden steering column. This allows you to angle the Chevy Silverado in any direction you want, provided you can reach inside and grab the steering wheel.

The Outside Sides

wooden Chevy Silverado

Functional doors give access to the well-detailed interior of the masterpiece. Just under them, you can find a pair of step guards that can flip up or under the truck. As extra bonuses, the fuel tank cover can be opened, and the side mirrors can be flipped.

What’s Under the Hood?

wooden Chevy Silverado

As with most of his wooden vehicular creations, Woodworking Art installed hinges onto the front hood. To appreciate the intricate beauty it is hiding, you’ll need to prop the hood up with some bolts. Once you do, you will see all the details the artist put into the carved engine.

wooden Chevy Silverado

Apart from the engine, the car’s front is where you’ll find the meticulously carved grilles, the Chevrolet logo, and the front mirrors fitted with plexiglass to make them look more authentic.

Picking Up With the Pickup

wooden Chevy Silverado

It wouldn’t be a pickup truck without the spacious open trunk – which Woodworking Art made sure to include. It even comes with a lid that can flip up and down, making things more life-like for the entire carving. As a plus, Woodworking Art added a set of small chains to keep it in place!

wooden Chevy Silverado

The features I mentioned don’t even scratch the amount of hard work Woodworking Art put into his creation. You may not have noticed it with all the camera cuts, but the entire truck was made from a single piece of monolithic Fujian cypress wood. He reused the chunks he cut out from the inside and the back to make the seats, trunk, and other extra features. That doesn’t even consider the amount of time he spent cutting, chiseling, sanding, and coating multiple pieces of wood to resemble a Chevrolet pickup.

If you’re a fan of good woodworking, following Woodworking Art on YouTube is a no-brainer. He’s got some fantastic wood art to show, and not all of them are replicas of modern vehicles.


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