Even without a medical degree, the healthiest thing you can provide others has to be water. Forget all that chia seed and kale nonsense: you won’t survive a week without water.

With this mindset, Kara Pure has got to be one of the healthiest things you can invest in. It’s a water harvester, purifier, and dehumidifier all in one.

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Like any water harvester, Kara Pure takes in surrounding water vapor and condenses it into drinkable H₂O. Depending on the humidity, it can make up to 2.5 gallons (10 liters) of water a day.

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But before water can be dispensed through the middle of the machine, it undergoes a ton of filtration. Since most air (and by extension the water vapor inside it) is polluted, it needs to be cleaned.

Besides filtering the water vapor that passes through it, Kara Pure also adds minerals. Magnesium, lithium, calcium, zinc, strontium, selenium, and metasilicic acid are trace elements that give the filtered water an added boost to improve your health.

Once the water is mineralized, it will be ionized to separate its acidic and alkaline components. The alkaline water is then fortified with 9.2+ pH alkaline minerals to make it even healthier than before. According to the Indiegogo webpage, water made this way tastes better, too!

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As an additional process, the mineralized water goes through sterilization and carbon filtering before being dispensed as drinkable water. The built-in UV-C sterilizer automatically cleans the water every 4 hours to prevent it from becoming stagnant or stale. With this, you can be sure that every glass of water dispensed by Kara Pure is always safe.

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I mentioned that the Kara Pure is also a dehumidifier, and it is! Air that flows through the machine is stripped of its water, decreasing the surrounding humidity. And just in case you were worried that the Kara Pure might turn your kitchen’s atmosphere into a bone dry desert, smart sensors make sure the surrounding humidity remains at a constant 25%.

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If you live in an area with poor tap water quality and don’t feel like paying for bottled water, Kara Pure works its scientific magic to create water out of thin air. Moreover, it only needs to change its filter once every few months, making it highly cost-effective.

Kara Pure has about a month to go before its Indiegogo campaign ends, but it has already managed to secure a funding of US$68,446 – over six times its initial US$10,000 goal. If you are as interested as other folks supporting it, consider visiting its page to know more about its incredible features.


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