Since the age of 3D printing things is upon us, folks at Ubunnys thought this is the perfect time to use the technology to the product that is always present in any bathroom: razors. But besides being the first-ever 3D-printed razor in the market, what can it offer you?

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To be honest, the X-ONE isn’t all that different from the razor you currently have in your bathroom. Each blade cartridge comes with 6-layer precision blades set in a tri-layer arrangement, which is supposed to give you some of the closest shaves ever. It even has that iconic razor shape you’ve come to know and love.

x-one razor

What really sets it apart from other razors is its hollow design. Made from photosensitive polypropylene resin, the X-ONE is meant to be lightweight at 19 grams. This also means easy handling and if the Kickstarter page is to be believed, it is much warmer to touch compared to its aluminum razor counterparts. Lastly, its base is magnetic which makes storage easier. This should allow you to snap it inside your medicine cabinet or to any metal surface.

That doesn’t really justify the US$59 price point. So what else is there?

x-one razor

Since people at Ubunnys know it isn’t all that hard to mimic the design of their razor, they’ve decided to include all the data needed to print the handle on whatever 3D-printing software you want. With the files in your hand, you can even choose the material and colors to personalize your own X-ONE.

It’s a bold move to give your customers what is essentially the secret to mass-producing your own product, but it looks like the X-ONE is riding on the fact that it will be the first commercially available 3D-printed razor more than anything.

x-one razor

The X-ONE is currently live on Kickstarter and has a funding of US$3,259 – about twice its intended US$1,540 goal. If you don’t feel like spending a few hours in Maya creating your own razor, the X-ONE is worth checking out.


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