Polyport 3d asset protection and management

When we last looked at PolyPort (formerly D3CRYPT3D), they were just buttoning up their shiny start-up pants, but already dropping jaws with their approach to 3D asset protection. They ended up winning the SXSW Interactive Innovation Award for Privacy and Security, presented at SIGGRAPH, pitched at Patriot Boot Camp (PBC) and Veteran Shark Attack, announced a…

Fusion 360 Concept Motocycle

Do you like things wheels and that go fast? Are you looking to speed up your modeling process in Fusion 360? Then we’ve got just the ticket. Youtuber name notimportant posted a nice video on concept modeling in Fusion 360. He shares his process of developing geometry rapidly with just enough detail to convey your idea.

It’s no secret that online learning is more popular than ever. From easy screencasting software to dozens of video hosting platforms, learning new skills is easier than ever before. But have you ever considered creating your own online classes—whether to help others with your rockstar workflows or even secure a profitable side gig? The good…


To bring designers and engineers across industries together, LEDAS’ research division has announced they are working on a platform which acts as a basis for developing cloud CAD/PLM and AEC/BIM applications. The LEDAS Cloud Platform (or the LCP, as they like to call it) is the result of fusing engineering functions such as authoring 3D…