You might have your own opinion on who broke Captain America’s shield, but regardless whether who or even if it really happened (IT DID), there’d have to be some power behind that shield slap.

Maybe you already have a Captain America mask, or a shirt with a star stencil spraypainted on it. You’ve got to complete the look and the only way to do that is with Cap’s Vibranium/Adamantium shield… that’s actually made of a fragile, 3D printed plastic but, ya know, looks kinda cool.

The Inspiration (Spoiler Alert!)

Surely, you’ve seen Avengers: Endgame? Nope? Me neither. Waiting for it to come out on LaserDisc. “What’s Laserdisc?” Superior to VHS. “What’s VHS??” *Sighs* Here’s a spoiler for such a question.

One of my favorite Endgame scenes is where Thanos breaks Captain America’s shield with his sword (File is here) It was such a heartbreaking moment after seeing him finally lift Mjolnir, but still a great moment nonetheless. The shield is full scale (Huge!), and the top 1/3 is broken off in the same way as the movie. I would like to give credit to fotoianmontes on Thingiverse, who designed the original shield that I used for this project.

And that’s why MMF user T-E-C decide to re-mix the shield and give it a nice, really jagged break.

T-E-C is a 15 year old high school student who brought the original shield model into Fusion 360 and modified it to add the break. Altogether, the shield is made of 12 separate 3D printed pieces, printed on an i3 MK series printer.

It’s a large print, taking four days to complete, finished off with glue and woodfiller. Though the seams are pretty rough in the photo above, some sanding and a little extra filler can work wonders. Hint: spraypaint and sand to reveal the low/high spots.

I did some weathering using watered down black paint. I also glued some old belts into the back of the shield so it could be secured onto my left arm. It took a while to fully finish, but honestly, I could have done it all day…

You snag the full shield on Thingiverse and download the broken version from MyMiniFactory. (Bonus! Check out Thanos’ sword here created by T-E-C to recreate the battle yourself!)

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