Have you’ve ever arrived at your desk and felt a sudden onset of ‘MY DESK IS SO BEIGE’ horror flood over you? It’s not uncommon. It’s why we put charts of conversion tables and part number inventories on the wall… then shriek in horror again when that makes it all worse. You need some COLOR. Not in a pillow, crossstich, or fancy afgan. But in a 3D printed Steampunk Vacuum Tube display.

Joe Stubbs is a steampunk superstar and his latest project is an amalgamation of electronics, programming, 3D printing, and artistic painting/airbrushing. It doesn’t hold any supreme powers (or practical utility for that matter) but it will add some much needed color to your desk.

The base includes five parts, modeled in SOLIDWORKS and printed using an Ultimaker 3 3D printer using Ultimaker PLA at 0.1mm resolution and a 20% infill. Though no rafts are required to print the base, supports are needed. The electronic include a Mullard Reissue GZ34 / 5AR4 Vacuum Tube powered by an Arduino Nano (with pin headers), a color-changing LED array, and sound detection board for a wee bit of interaction.

YouTube video

Joe has more details on where to source the other bits and includes some detailed build instructions. Follow this link to get the details. Have fun with this quirky creation and do let us know how it goes. (Bonus! Check out Joe Stubbs’ other steampunk designs here!)

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