C-Clamps are great for two things: 1) holding stuff together and 2) everything else. You can use them to support a slab of wood for a tabletop, fasten a tarp around… that thing that needs a tarp around it, grab your friend by the ear, make spaghetti.

As a matter of fact, outside of a spatula and a paint scraper, they’re one of the most useful tools around. So, what if you could print an UNLIMITED number of C-Clamps? What about quick grip trigger clamps? Yeah, you know what’s up.

Arron Mollet is 3D print king o’ the week for his phenomenal and so-classy-lookin‘ 3D printed Quick Grip Trigger Clamp. It’s a thing of beauty and completely functional to boot.

That’s some squeeze power.

The model was created in Fusion 360 and consist of seven pieces (with the grip part printed twice). He printed it using an Original Prusa i3 MK3 3D Printer using a mix of Ziro Black, Prusament Silver, and Amazon Orange filament. All it takes to finish it off is a set of compression springs for the release trigger and clamp trigger. Arron says, “My versions clamp hard enough to bend the printed rod, which is why I will be creating a version with a metal rod.”

We can’t wait to see that update, but in the meantime, this is a great little project with loads of uses. You can download the model from Thingiverse. (Bonus! Check out Aaron’s Quick Grab Phone Stand here!)

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