We recently spied the Travel Tripod by Peak Design, and one reason why it’s doing so well – has raised over $9,900,000 already! – is that they’ve addressed the key issue of travel tripods – They’re DANG BULKY.

I agree. Travel tripods should be easy to carry, lightweight and, if you can’t tuck two away in each cheek pouch like a wild chipmunk, you should at least be able to transport them in your pocket. Eliminating the critical flaw of “tons of wasted space”, Peak Design inspired me to scrounge for a tripod that YOU could print yourself.

10 minutes later… BOOM! Wouldn’t you know it, Valera Perinski has just what we’re looking for – his Tripod GIANT uses a masked SLA 3D Printing technique and is all kinds of minimal and lightweight. Here’s the mezmerizing video of the desktop manufacturing process:

YouTube video

As you can see, the Tripod GIANT isn’t so giant in size but is absolutely giant in capability and a great little project to explore if you’re not interested in popping for a full-size tripod. While the build process is more involved and uses a larger array of desktop machinery than simply a 3D printer, it’s a great project that brings all the processes together on a smaller scale.

Perinski uses a $400 ANYCUBIC Photo UV LCD 3D Printer along with their beautiful Green Rapid Resin. You can download the files, which include the machined part details (pdf) and the six 3D printed files (stl) for the project, from Thingiverse.

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!

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