How difficult is it to design a lamp? Not very. Jab a few holes in a paper plate, wrap it in a lightbulb, GOOD TO GO. If you want a classier option though, you’ll need the design chops of the pros at VOOOD. I was seeing how many LEDs could fit under my eyelids when I spied this beautiful Hex Shade lamp looking fantastic as a set and outstanding by its lonesome.

You break it down and the concept marries a ‘simple hexagonal grid’ with the shape of a pretty standard pendant shade. It measures 5.9 x 5.9 x 7.87 inches (15 x 15 x 20 cm) and, depending on size, uses about 60-100g of material, taking 8-10 hours to print on a Zortrax 3D printer. You can use a standard pendant light cord to make your dream of custom pendant lights come true.

We believe, by surrounding ourselves with fewer and better things, we open space for more time, more emotions, more experiences, more empathy, more satisfaction. More freedom. We are strong supporters of mixing traditional and modern solutions every chance we get. That’s mainly because our channels are full of proof that balancing both worlds in a unique way, you can get astounding effects and become a game changer in your profession or business.

So many feels! I know, you’re feeling the emotion and FREEDOM just by seeing this design, aren’t you? Just imagine a ceiling or wall, OR CEILING AND WALL covered in these – you can never have to much freedom. GAME CHANGED. If you’re not properly emotional yet, here’s another close-up shot.

Don’t hold back the happy, friend. The VOOOD has made the .stl model file available (for a modest price) over at Cults. (Bonus! Check out VOOOD’s nifty (free) light diffuser hex module here!)

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