The END IS NIEGH… The end of 2019. You’ve been taking half days at work to plan shenanigans to ring in the new year, but have hit a roadblock on one critical item: 2020 NEW YEAR’S EVE GLASSES. How can you be seen in public without a ridiculous set of year-shaped spectacles?! You can’t!

And for a year such as 2020, it’s got to be good. I mean, how may other 2020s are you going to have? (Answer: NONE.) So, let’s make it count… or at the very least, help close out that icky 2019 with a bunch of high-fives and, “Hey dude! Sweet specs!”

Kalle-Iivari Mononen, aka, superbeasti, has just what you need to get prepped for every 2020 New Year party you hit. The ultimate PIXEL-IZED 2020 New Year Party glasses. They’re almost a party in themselves. In fact, who knows WHAT will happen when you put them on.

3D Printed 2020 New Year's Eve Glasses

This is an EASY print, with lots of options to size and customize, so don’t be afraid to print out a miniature set for your monkey and that bag of chips you’ll be celebrating the last hours of the 10th and last year of the decade. Did I say chips? I meant FRIENDS – that bag of friends.

KM doesn’t provide much tech info, but the print is pretty straightforward, with five parts all together or a single print version if you’d like to print it all in one go. If you’re using a Prusa 3D Printer or other PETG compatible printer (like the FlashForge Creator Pro), I recommend the Prusa Orange and Prusa Red filament.

You can put your cape on and download the model on MyMiniFactory. (Bonus! Check out the Amethyst Ice Latern Mold by Kalle-livari for some sweet New Year Party ice decor here!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!

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