You’re trundling through the train station with your Rubix Cube solving robot, huddled protectively around it like a badger on a worm-covered pinecone. SNAP, that guy with the umbrella and snake cage just broke the foot. THAT’S IT. You need a case.

But not just any case – a 3D printed Rubix Cube Solving Robot Case. Fortunately, NYC-based Otvinta has a simply ingenious solution for that puzzle breaking bot (you can also build!) or anything else you might like to store in a 3D printed carry case. And they printed it in the most glorious green and yellow (sorry, Bears and Cowboys fans).

Along with storing and protecting the robot, Otvinta brings a little more curiosity to its reveal with the 3D printed carrying case.

This carrying case was designed specifically with the robot’s dimensions in mind. The robot will fit in it perfectly with plenty of room for accessories. By no means a small project, the case requires a printer with a large print platform, such as Creality CR-10, as some of its parts are outright massive.

Altogether, there are 44 parts held together by no less than 133 Phillips-head countersunk M3x12 screws. That’s a bit of a build but the look is just all kinds of mysterical cool.

You can snag the .stl file downloads on Thingiverse or at the Otvinta website where assembly instructions and more images are included. (Bonus! The Rubix Cube Solving Robot (RCR3D) has its own website where you can download the parts, order hardware, or install the software. Find it at!)

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