Even though the new Tesla Cybertruck is supposedly going to usher in a new age of electric offroad vehicles, some people think the design is a bit… lacking. Like a CG model whose textures haven’t loaded in or a long lost drawing Elon Musk made when he was 4-years-old, the Cybertruck doesn’t exactly give off the same cool vibes other car manufacturers (or even Tesla’s other car models) do. At least, that was the initial reaction by many.

Either way, this brutalist, simple approach to the design makes the truck easy as pie to recreate in 3D modeling programs like Blender:

YouTube video

CGMatter is a YouTube channel that focuses on creating 2D and 3D animation software tutorials. So when the Cybertruck was announced, you can bet they dropped everything they were working on to show us how to recreate Tesla’s newest creation.

Blender Cybertruck

Thanks to the simple, angular design of the Cybertruck, all one has to do in Blender to recreate the body of the electric offroad vehicle is stretch the default cube, add a new one, and stretch it into a flat rectangle until it resembles the truck’s body.

Blender Cybertruck

To make the cube look more like Elon Musk’s new electricity-powered baby, use the loop cut tool about 1/4ths of the way from one edge of the rectangle and pull upwards. This creates an accurate representation of the upwards-sloping roof, designed to give its passengers some extra headspace.

Blender Cybertruck

To cap off your model, add a small plane to the center and add a simple cell fracture effect. You now have yourself a perfect simulation of the Cybertruck’s broken window feature.

While there are certainly other fine details that could be added, such as slight surfacing variations or more detailed subassemblies, this is certainly a great start. Be sure to check more Blender tutorials over at CGMatter.


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