I bet you a bag of plush porglets you’ve had dreams of owning, building or transferring your conscience into your very own BB-8. If you also happen to have a Google Home device (or not), I may just have found you the perfect excuse for 3D printing the adorable spherical droid.

Manchester’s own Steve Wagg has punched licensing terms in the face by bringing you a Star Wars / Google mashup to make your home more entertaining for any Star Wars fan. Just imagine calling your own BB-8 droid ‘Google’ and having it do your bidding.

YouTube video

“I decided my Google home was a bit boring so designed him a BB8 Costume. If you haven’t got a Home, then I’ve also included ‘no speaker’ parts so you can just make him as a model.”

There are quite a few parts, but no supports are needed. Steve used PLA with a layer height of 0.15mm, super gluing all the pieces together for the final build. He provided both an .igs model of the entire BB-8 unit along with all the .stl files for printing. The front grill can be oriented so the dots are visible and the USB cord connects where the head attaches. The only thing I might change is designing a snap-in piece so the Google Home device can be removed easily if needed.

You can download the model on Thingiverse. (Bonus! Check out the alternate BB-9 model here!)

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