It’s been ages, but we’re really excited to bring you a NEW tutorial from Dan Lavoie. It’s a model you may not expect, which makes it even better. Dan takes you through the process of modeling a Bell 206L4 helicopter from start to finish.

This is another great video series and we’ve worked out a special deal for all SolidSmack readers to get the new tutorial for nearly 50% OFF the full price.

This is for a limited time only though, ending March 11th!

The Bell 206L4 helicopter, an icon of the helicopter world. In this new video tutorial pack, you’ll get:

  • 10.5-hour of step-by-step videos
  • All SOLIDWORKS 2017 files of the project and reference images
  • Everything you need to model this piece of history from start to finish

Get the video tutorial via the button below and remember, this is for a limited time only with special pricing for SolidSmack readers through Monday, March 11th.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to model the Bell 206L4 helicopter in SolidWorks. This 10.5-hour step-by-step video tutorial will show you everything you need to know to model this piece of history from start to finish. This tutorial is done in SW2017 so if you’re using SW2008 – SW2019 you won’t have any problems following it.

I’ve seen Dan’s videos before and am always impressed with the detail he goes into and the support provided for any questions. If you’ve ever wanted to model a helicopter or want to learn more techniques in SOLIDWORKS, like surfacing and large assembly modeling, I highly recommend any of his videos. Just visit here:


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