You know how tough it can be without a stylin’ set of headphones bakin’ up sweet sounds in your earholes, aaaaand how handy they can be to avoid talking to people. Either way you use them, you need a place to store them and the bottom drawer next to that stale pile of Cheez-It’s ain’t cuttin’ it.

If you don’t have a headphone stand, we’ve got one you can 3D print in a matter of minutes for a dose of super style and easy access when you see that jabber jaws comin’ round the corner.

The Monastic Headphone Stand you see here was designed by Jan Geloen. Though Jan has a Thingiverse page, it was fellow Thingiverse user, Cory Robertson, who provided the 3D printed file.

The overall size of the stand is 6″ x 9″ x 3″ (152mm x 228mm x 76mm) and the design really couldn’t be more simple, but it’s the simplicity and thick, blocky structure that, to me at least, makes it so attractive.

Jan uses Velleman Vertex 3D Printers, which he also had a part in designing, hashing out the concept, the mechanical and electrical design, and the prototyping. Well done!

You could probably extrude this up in SolidWorks or Tinkercad faster that clicking over to download it, but if want a starting point, you can snag the .stl model on Thingiverse. (Bonus! Check out Jan Geloen’s designs and his website here!)

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