I realize that title may shock those with more mature sensibilities – “Why does he want to kick my spleen??!” But don’t worry, I’m using spleen to refer to that MESS, that is on your DESK… and it also rhymes with nineteen.

Massaging sensitive internal organs with your FOOT aside, one of the best things you can do to make it feel like you’re starting the new year off right is to purge your desktop to make space for everything you’ll throw on it in the new year. What better way than with a desk organizer you can make yourself and looks way better than that cardboard box stabbed with various pens, pencils, and chicken bones.

Sebastian Rosca has designed his share of pen holders and organizers in his day but this modular, 3D printed version is just the thing for a desk strewn with an over-abundance of pens and office supplies.

3d printed pen holder
Exhibit A: Sebastian Rosca’s 3D printed modular desk organizer

He has shared one (customizable) version of the cup and two versions of the tray (3-slot and 4-slot) for the cups to sit in. He recommends a 0.2mm layer height with 20% infill. Using Slic3r, he produced different cup heights by adjusting the z-scaling.

Yeah, you could extrude this up in a matter of seconds, but you can also just go ahead and snag the .stl models over at MyMiniFactory. (Bonus! Check out Sebastian’s way cool Zelda planter/pen holder here!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!


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