If you’ve cyborged your upper torso with gears and lights glued to a cardboard box, I hate to tell you but, the transformation isn’t complete until you’ve embedded a Nixie clock in your chest cavity. Oh, what’s that? Missing one? Hmmm, shameful, in’t it?

Well, I’ve got two options for you today – 1) Snag the Nixie clock mentioned in this post to complete your box-borg transformation, or shed the box and make yourself a sweet-ace vintage TV Nixie clock instead. CHOICES.

Neoptolemos Kyriakou opted for the latter and shared his success in a simple little model, that turned into a weekend electronics project, that turned into a dream come true. He says:

“Ever since I found out about the Nixie clock I couldn’t get it out my head. I wanted one so badly but I couldn’t find a nice a case to fit the electronics in and still get that vintage look without spending too much so one day I got the idea to design my own case. So here you have it.”

Just look at the vintage bleeding out all over the place. Beautiful. The Nixie Clock used is the fabulous FunKlock Kit from PV Electronics. Neo gathered up a few other electronic items, including a new power supply and rotary encoder to replace the buttons, along with some hardware to fasten things down.

The enclosure itself is made up of 13 (support-free) 3D printed parts with wood color filament recommended for a more authentic vintage appearance. We recommend the Hatchbox PLA filaments for darker wood color and the 3D Hero Wood/PLA for lighter wood. Approximate time to print is 60 minutes on a printer with a small build volume. The FlashForge Creator Pro is a low-cost, enclosed, dual extruder 3D printer that will provide great results.

Ready to make that Nixie clock even more vintage? You can download the model from MyMiniFactory. (Bonus! Check out this other Nixie clock ‘enclosure’ by Dario Klepic – a Nixie Motorcycle!

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!

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