I think we all know, one goal of dressing up for Holloween is to bring people to the edge of projectile vomiting through a mixture of laughter and disgust. While some strategically placed foam, putty, and exploding blood packs would ensure that, maybe you just need something quick to slap on your noggin. Look no further.

MyMiniFactory user, Clockspring, is a UX specialist, software engineer, and graphic designer who has combined those talents to bring you a 3D printed hat, of sorts, that will expose the brainiac you are by… exposing your brain… that is, what looks like a crude representation of your brain.

Anywho, it’s a fast 3D print of a design that is made up of 3 .stl models (10 printed pieces) you can size and scale to fit your actual brain case and ensure you’ll have plenty of laughter/screams/wretching to look forward to. There are no overhangs, but it does have a fairly thin footprint so consider a breakaway brim. Oh, and once you’re finished, head Clockspring’s advice and, “watch out for zombies – you’re basically a walking buffet”.

If you have time, I’d take it one step further and clean up with a bit of sanding, then apply some brown stain, dark red paint and some geletin globules for added realism.

You can download the model on MyMiniFactory. (Bonus! Check out Clocksprings YouTube channel and the process he takes to create a chunky vase design here!)

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