Dassault SOLIDWORKS is corporately swinging down from the rafters of development mode to announce the upcoming new features in SOLIDWORKS 2019. If you’re worried about SOLIDWORKS slowing development to pursue XDesign interest (that just gained some new features), this release may sway your opinion.

There are plenty of new features to love and, if you’ve been a long time SOLIDWORKS users, a list of features that may, quite literally, make you shed tears of happiness

To get the generalities out of the way first, this new release focuses on five areas (although the SOLDIWORKS Launch 2019 description replaces a few with others–smart manufacturing, design to manufacturing, innovation):

  1. Quality
  2. Assembly performance
  3. Embrace new technology
  4. Attention to detail
  5. Delivering a complete design ecosystem

SOLIDWORKS CEO Gain Paolo Bassi breaks those down on their blog but in a nutshell what that all means is that SOLIDWORKS 2019 has more ‘customer-centric enhancements than any major release for the past five years’ with a push on large assembly performance, VR output from eDrawings, new 3D surface mesh modeling capabilities, and a refinement of integrated tools from concept and electronic design to inspection and manufacturing tools.

The What’s New preview video will give you a firehose look at what SW2019 holds but the feature videos go into much more detail. There are 26 new feature videos altogether but here are our top 5:

1. 3D Mesh Modeling

This inlcudes converting profiles from imported mesh geometry and an incredible new 3D texture tool.

YouTube video

2. Large Assembly Performance

You know the rotation lag with large assemblies. Interupting workflow by lightweighting everything and still struggling? All that chunky rotation goes away in SOLIDWORKS 2019 and reference geometry is now accessible FROM THE ASSEMBLY:

YouTube video

3. 3D Markup

Seriously, how long have you wanted this. Finally! Markup right inside SOLIDWORKS (when using a touch device) by inserting a Markup view from the Feature Manager.

YouTube video

4. Exploded View Enhancements

The Configuration Manager gets rollback and suppresion states for exploded view steps, plus drag and drop re-ordering of exploded view steps.

YouTube video

5. Defeature

SOLDIWORKS 2019 has great new defeature options for component simplification and IP protection. The Silouhette Defeautre option has methods to simplify part geometry through bounding box, cyclinder, polygon, tight fit or none.

YouTube video

You can see all the new feature highlights on the SOLIDWORKS 2019 What’s New page.

What’s your fav new feature?


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