I know what you’re thinking – I could organize my desk all sorts of ways wit ma 12 gauge shotgun ♫ ♪ But hold your reload and save those shells for dove season. What we’ve got for you is a desk organize made from a beautifully laser cut, single-piece of 12 gauge STAINLESS STEEL.

Bryan Lagrange is a CAD Manager with Mezco Fabrication out of Lafayette, Louisiana and just opened up the possibility for you to have a completely organized desktop with a clever, multi-functional design for a desktop organizer.

A single-piece of 12 gauge stainless steel and 14 bends later…

And it’s beefy. The 7/64″ (2.8mm) thick stainless steel sheet adds an elegant, yet solid block of beauty to your desk and the ability to consolidate your phone, business cards, Post-It notes, highlighter, two red pens (of course), and another two pens/pencils.

He designed, rendered, and CNC programmed the organizer in Fusion 360 and used a Trumpf 3030 for the laser cut and a Trumpf V85 to bend it up. Who else thinks he could sell these?

Have a laser cutter and sheet metal brake capable of taking on 12G SS? You can open/download the model from the Autodesk Online Gallery (you’ll need an Autodesk account and Fusion 360). (Bonus! Check out Bryan’s rusty planter here!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!


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