Morphi is a (sort of) free app for the iPad, Mac, and Windows devices that lets users push, pull, and craft 3D creations via a touchpad device. Its simple nature makes it ideal for starting kids out in the world of 3D modeling and showcasing their work — with tools such as stop motion and AR/VR to name a few.

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The app has been out for quite a while now, receiving a slew of updates since its 2014 release on the iPad. In its newest 3.4 patch, Morphi has added 3D visualization/rendering tools which now allows users to add and edit textures onto 3D models, put in some basic object lighting, and type in an object’s dimensions, position and rotation.

Morphi 3.4 update

The features are fairly self-explanatory; adding and editing textures allows you to import images via your camera, making your kids’ models feel more personal (even if they decide to decorate them with your house wallpaper).

Morphi 3.4 update

Lighting is probably one of the easier 3D modeling concepts to explain to a child; just point the light source where you want it to shine, and you get different exposure values and shadows.

Morphi 3.4 update

Finally, the 3.4 update allows kids to type in the dimensions, rotation, and position values for their projects. While younger users will most likely set these by eye, older children with early signs of CAD ninja excellence will appreciate the increased level of control.

A guidebook and tutorials detailing all the new features can easily be found on the app in case you get lost. For more details on the latest update, you can check the Morphi webpage.


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