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Specs: Brand: Cuisinart Power Source: Corded Electric Pot Capacity: 3 quarts Dishwasher Safe: Yes Items: eight fondue forks, fork rack, bowl, stainless steel housing, and adjustable temperature control probe Price: Pros: The bowl’s exterior has a brushed finish, allowing easy maintenance and cleanup of its appearance. It is the best fondue pot in terms of…

There is nothing more beautiful than a morning that comes with perfectly toasted bread topped with melted butter. However, achieving the perfect toast can be a challenge without the perfect toaster. You can always use an oven but the ability of toasters in delivering golden brown shades in your slices of bread remains unrivaled.So, what

While microwave drawers and built-in microwaves look so enticing, their prices are no joke. With this, it is no question why most households are opting for countertop microwaves. Not only they don’t need a special installation process, but they can also be extremely affordable! And with the right choices, you can find a unit that

While food could be cooked in healthier ways like baking and roasting, let’s admit it, we still crave that deep-fried food oozing with so much extra fat. Well, who could say no to crispy fries and chicken, right? Not me, for sure. Good thing, air fryers offer similar flavor in a healthier form. An air…