COSORI CP267-FD: The Best Food Dehydrator of 2021
COSORI CP267-FD: The Best Food Dehydrator of 2021


Model Number: CP267-FD

Wattage: 600 watts

Weight: 23.4 pounds

Dimensions: 13.4” x 17.8” x 12.4”

Power Source: Corded


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  • The best food dehydrator offering intuitive controls and a timer that shows the remaining dehydration time.
  • Compact on the kitchen counter.
  • Has a sleek stainless steel body that will complement the design of any kitchen.
  • An ETL-listed appliance.
  • Comes with 1 mesh screen and 1 fruit roll sheet.
  • The recipe book is extremely detailed and helpful!
  • Very quiet even with the rear fan working.
  • The tray liners are BPA-free.

Full Review:

There are lots of ways to preserve food. They can be in the form of fermentation, refrigeration, canning, pasteurization, and most of all… drying. The last one can be done by leaving the food items under the blazing heat of the sun for a few days. That can be too time-consuming for anyone. Nonetheless, there is no need to do it in such a primitive way. All you need is the best food dehydrator.

Our SolidSmack Household Appliance and Tool Research Team tested 9 food dehydrators from various brands. After a series of tests and comparisons, COSORI CP267-FD scored the highest. One of the first things we loved about it is its sturdy build. Unlike other food dehydrators that come in plastic form, CP267-FD offers a durable all-stainless steel body. It measures 13.4” x 17.8” x 12.4” which makes it appear like a mini-oven on your countertop. And while it might look compact, it can handle a substantial batch of food in a single dehydration process. 

trays of COSORI CP267-FD food dehydrator
COSORI CP267-FD has 6 stainless steel trays measuring 12” x 13” each.

It has 6 stainless steel trays measuring 12” x 13” which allow you to place a good number of food slices. The best part about it is how fast it can dehydrate foods. Unlike the other units we tested, the recipe book it comes with is pretty accurate in its description when it says that it can completely dehydrate fruits within 3 hours (compared to others which took us almost 6 hours).

control panel of COSORI CP267-FD food dehydrator
COSORI CP267-FD offers intuitive controls for its temperatures and timer.

Further, setting up the temperature is pretty effortless. Besides the helpful 50-recipe book included, the control panel has a digital display. You can set the temperature from 95ºF to 165ºF. It also has a timer with 30-minute increments that can go up to 48 hours! Of course, leaving an appliance working for such an extended period can be worrying but COSORI CP267-FD boasts an automatic shutoff in case of overheating. There is also a memory function so you do not need to worry about accidental unplugging of the unit or short power interruption. 

rear fan of COSORI CP267-FD food dehydrator
COSORI CP267-FD has a rear fan that distributes the heat evenly inside.

We attribute the efficiency of this 2021 best food dehydrator to its huge convection fan located at its back. It adds to the sound of the unit (not that much; max of 48 dB) but it will impress you when you see that it can produce uniform dehydration results from the top down to the bottom rack. Even with the beef jerky, it worked great for us. The same thing happened to the herbs we used! Right after the timer had stopped, the unit automatically shut off and we got nicely dehydrated items on each rack.

COSORI CP267-FD food dehydrator
COSORI CP267-FD comes with easy-to-clean components. Its body and glass window can also be wiped easily.

The cleanup was also a dream for our reviewers. The stainless steel racks are dishwasher safe and the internal chamber could be wiped easily. The same goes for its glass window which gives you a good view of the foods as they get dehydrated.

COSORI CP267-FD Food Dehydrator FAQs:

Can you use the COSORI CP267-FD food dehydrator for nuts and seeds?

  • The stainless steel trays included might not hold the seeds pretty well because of the size of their holes. Consider purchasing separate solid plastic trays from the company for such small food items. You can also use parchment paper. 

What is the distance between the 6 trays when all of them are placed inside the COSORI CP267-FD food dehydrator?

  • The space between the trays measures 1.25 inches.

What is the temperature range of the COSORI CP267-FD food dehydrator?

  • The COSORI CP267-FD food dehydrator offers temperatures from 95ºF to 165ºF.

Does the COSORI CP267-FD food dehydrator have an indoor light?

  • No, the COSORI CP267-FD food dehydrator doesn’t have indoor lighting.

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