HomeLabs Mini-fridge: The Best Beer Fridge
HomeLabs Mini-fridge: The Best Beer Fridge


Model Number: ‎HME030065N

Wattage: 240 watts

Weight: 68.3 pounds

Capacity: 3.2 cubic feet

Temperature Range: 34°F to 50°F


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  • The recessed handle adds to the modern look of the unit and makes it more compact.
  • Features a memory function that automatically restores the preset temperature in case of a power outage or being unplugged.
  • Comes with 3 adjustable removable chrome shelves.
  • Compact in design so it won’t consume too much space.
  • Can handle up to 120 cans.
  • Sleek and can complement any kitchen design or style.
  • Offers intuitive controls with digital display.

Full Review:

We’re sure there would always be that grand beer fridge in the market offering all the bells and whistles: smart controls, Wi-Fi, app integration, touchscreen panel controls, and all. Is it really needed? Maybe. But that doesn’t make the unit automatically the best of the best. After all, what you need is a practical and functional model that can make your purchase worth every penny. Our SolidSmack Household Appliance and Tool Research Team found the best beer fridge for that. Have a look at this HomeLabs mini-fridge.

HomeLabs built-in beer fridge
HomeLabs Mini-fridge can fit anywhere. It can be used as a free-standing unit or as a built-in fridge.

Its build is the first thing to love about it. It has overall external dimensions of 18.9” x 33.3” x 17.30” which makes it an ideal unit for dorms, bedrooms, breakrooms, or kitchens with limited spaces. You also have the choice to use it as a free-standing unit or as a built-in fridge.

reversible door of HomeLabs beer fridge
The door of the HomeLabs Mini-fridge can be reversed easily.

The sides of the body are smooth and its front sports a stainless steel frame door with a slightly tinted, double-glazed glass door. It is reversible and closes nicely and securely. Nonetheless, you can still open it with ease even if it is only using a recessed handle. 

storage of HomeLabs beer fridge
The HomeLabs Mini-fridge can store up to 120 cans of beer!

And while this HomeLabs beer fridge might not be able to match the features of full-sized refrigerators, it will be appreciated by all kinds of beer lovers. It can handle a total of 120 standard-sized soda or beer cans using its 4 layers of storage chambers. It can also cater to a couple of wine bottles!

control panel of HomeLabs beer fridge
The HomeLabs Mini-fridge has a control panel that lets you change the temperature with just a push of a button.

The temperature of the fridge can be lowered down to 34°F which can give you that nice cold beer can anytime you need one. You can change the temperature using the control panel with a digital display in front of the topmost shelf. There is also an option to keep the white LED interior light on at all times or just make it work whenever you are opening the door. 

The small fan inside helps to keep consistent air circulation and uniform temperature inside. We think it is pretty effective as it was able to deliver the same temp to all the cans we placed on various shelves during our test. The temperature also stayed near the numbers we set during the entire observation period we conducted. Most of all, it only took less than 30 minutes to cool right after we had plugged it. And to make it more competitive in the game, HomeLabs armed it with an auto-defrosting function to prevent ice buildup.

HomeLabs Mini-fridge FAQs:

Can you use HomeLabs mini-fridge for food?

  • The HomeLabs mini-fridge is only meant to be used for beverages. Its temperature range is not enough to preserve foods, especially frozen products.

Is the door of the HomeLabs mini-fridge reversible?

  • Yes, the door of the HomeLabs mini-fridge is reversible.

Can I plug the HomeLabs mini-fridge right away after delivery? 

  • Just like in all refrigerators, regardless of brand and size, the HomeLabs mini-fridge should be left to rest for 4 to 8 hours before use.

How long is the cord of the HomeLabs mini-fridge?

  • The electrical cord of the HomeLabs mini-fridge measures 60 inches in length.

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