As often as we look at and use appliances that live out their entire lives on our kitchen counters, you would expect there to be more exploration into thinking of these objects as ‘functional sculptures’ rather than ‘attractive mass manufactured objects’. At least, this was a glaring concern from Berkely-based design studio Montaag Products.

After embarking on a creative experiment a few years ago, Montaag designers asked themselves what an appliance could look like if it was treated like a work of art—without sacrificing the quality or user experience of its intended function. As coffee lovers who just happened to share an address with an espresso machine repair shop, the decision to set about redefining the modern espresso machine was made.

After months of iterations and material testing, the result of their exploration is the AnZa; a reinterpretation of the espresso machine.

The material list for the brutalist AnZa reads more like an interior design wish list than a BOM for a mass produced object: Concrete. Corian. Wood. Steel. Brass. Glass. Available in either Concrete or a softer Corian model, both offer the same streamlined user-experience framed around pulling a perfect espresso shot.

“There has been surprisingly little innovation in the world of espresso machines, despite our obsession with interior architecture and kitchen design,” explain the designers. “AnZa delivers a cafe-quality experience in a fashion unlike any other appliance—truly earning its bit of valuable real estate on your kitchen countertop.”

The Montaag team was able to pull in an impressive 50% of their funding goal within five hours of launching their Kickstarter campaign. Currently, they’re just over $20K away from reaching their campaign goal of $130K with nearly three weeks left to go.

Find out more over at Kickstarter.


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