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nPower Quietly Releases Cyborg3D, SubD-NURBS 3D Modeling Software

2 days ago

Well, this snuck right past us. In mid-March, a Monday no less, IntegrityWare/nPower Software published a press release announcing the release of something new. You might be familiar with their…


Model of the Week: Star Wars Remote Training Droid

4 days ago

We all know you can’t first become a Jedi Master until you get all whiny about droid maintenance and zapped in the ass a few thousand times by a remote…


Four Fusion 360 Assembly Features That Will Make You Forget About Mates

1 week ago

Presented by It’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite topic. Mating. (You two in the back stop snickering.) We’re in part three of our under-the-covers *snicker* peek at Fusion 360…


Onshape Part Studio vs. Multibody: Is There a Difference?

1 week ago

The Onshape guys think Part Studios set them apart from other multibody CAD systems. I’ve been skeptical. After a few weeks of testing, I have some thoughts.


Model of The Week: 3D Printed, Low Poly Hat [So Gangsta!]

2 weeks ago

You know what that mop of yours is missing? Nope, not a 3D printed hat. A 3D printed LOW POLY hat, sucka! No funky floral patterns or flare on this…


Model of the Week: Steampunk Ladybug [Super Detailed!]

3 weeks ago

If there’s one threat I’ve always given when being kicked repeatedly in the lung sacks, it’s “If you kick me one more time! I will open my steampunk spectacle! After…


GDaaS Gives Frame Some CAD Virtualization Competition

3 weeks ago

Cloudalize is a company you’ve probably never heard, but you’ve certainly heard of desktop virtualization. You know, accessing all your apps (CAD, CAE, BIM, etc.) from the cloud via any…


Fusion 360 Model Features You Have to Try: Part Modeling

3 weeks ago

Presented by Two weeks ago we did the unthinkable. We taped back our eyelids, slapped on some CAD spandex (that exists right?) and launched a series of articles on Fusion…


Model Of the Week: Self-Watering Planter [Print It Yo’self!]

1 month ago

You know, Mother’s Day is coming up, and there’s one thing yo’ mamma (or future mamma) really, really wants… You’re not going to guess are you? … No? Ok, it’s…