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Model of the Week: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B [Berry Awesome!]

4 days ago

This fabulous model? This is a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. You know, the device you can use to brain a hexapod, integrate a complete home automation system or link…


Autodesk Announces Gift of $25,000 in Product Design Software for Every Fab Lab

1 week ago

When it comes to equipping tomorrow’s designers and engineers with the tools they need to create compelling projects today, few companies have been as generous in offering access to software,…


Model of the Week: LEGO Technic Porsche 911 [Dream Car!]

1 week ago

One of my 200 dream cars begins with Porsche and ends with 911 GT3 RS. Until I can sell enough plasma to purchase a used one that needs the rusted…


3D Design for 3D Printing Course Teaches You the Product Dev Process

2 weeks ago

Think you need to be a 3D modeling pro to use a 3D printer? Think again. Consumers and the hobbyists among us can buy the equipment and start pumping out…


FEBCAD ARĀ­ 3D Modeling Software Lets You Model With Different Shapes

2 weeks ago

We’ve been keeping an eye out for VR/AR 3D modeling apps and, suprisingly… there’s not been much activity. Apparently we’re not in the future yet… yet… yet. There are an…


Model of the Week: LED Bridge Lamp [LIGHT IT UP!]

2 weeks ago

You know a mask of light that shoots out 50 million lumens whenever someone looks at you tends to cause temporary blindness and bouts of projectile vomit, so something at…


CAD with a Stylus. It’s a thing.

3 weeks ago

My last post was ostensibly about my new SpaceMouse, but within half an hour I had not less than five different people ask about my stylus. What the what? Stylus?…


Model of the Week: Corner Wall Light Design [Cue the Ambiance!]

4 weeks ago

Use to be, for a little ambiance, we just needed a time-travelling legwax salesman to unbutton the top two-buttons of his disco shirt… WAIT a minute, that would be the…


Adam + SpaceMouse Wireless == Major Nerd Joy

4 weeks ago

A few weeks ago I started using a SpaceMouse Wireless. It does not disappoint. It’s every bit as quick, responsive, and sensitive as the other 3DConnexion goodness, but it fits in a case about the size of your average bar room beef slider, and look, ma! No wires!