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SolidWorks Hump Day Tips 04: Methods for Fine-Tuning Splines

22 hours ago

The ‘Hump Day Hot Tips’ series from our industrial design training site cadjunkie has been off to a great start after three weeks of looking at splines in SolidWorks. This…


Hump Day Hot Tip 03: Working With Style Splines in SolidWorks 2014

1 week ago

As part of the new ‘Hump Day Hot Tips’ series from industrial design training site cadjunkie, industrial designer Adam O’Hern has been looking at various methods for connecting two buttery-smooth…


Dassault Dishes the Goods on SolidWorks 2015 (and the Future of SolidWorks)

1 week ago

Today, SolidWorks 2015 peels itself from the cocoon of the Dassault dev chamber and releases itself into the loving arms of users around the world. (Fly free, fresh software, fly…


The Most Annoying Thing in CAD: Survey Says…

2 weeks ago

Are 3D CAD companies adding the features that users really want? We asked you, SolidSmackers, to tell us what you find most face-bashingly frustrating about 3D CAD tools today, boy, did you deliver. As it turns out…


Introducing the Cadjunkie ‘Hump Day’ Weekly SolidWorks and MODO Tips and Tricks

3 weeks ago

EvD Media’s very own Adam O’Hern has been busy concocting various new awesome sauce CAD tutorials over at cadjunkie. The industrial design video training site features hundreds of videos ranging…


Simple Steps for Stopping Tears and Starting 3D Print Projects in SolidWorks

4 weeks ago

A tear falls on the molten plastic heap outside the confines of the 3d printer base. The print bed is too small. It’s sadness that creeps in at times, leaving…


Plethora Gives You Instant Quotes to Machine Your SolidWorks or Inventor Parts

1 month ago

There are five things I want after designing a part–a damn part, damn fast. 3D printing was suppose to be the revolutionary technology that made all our manufacturing woes go…


Adobe Releases Enhanced 3D Printing Support for Photoshop CC 2014

1 month ago

Since announcing support for 3D printing directly withinin Photoshop earlier this year, Adobe has been focusing on enhancing the popular photo-editing software to be an even more powerful 3D content…


AMRC uses 3D printing to prototype new small-sized drone

1 month ago

Drones are quickly becoming commonplace and it’s not only military and law enforcement who have them. Even the kid a couple of houses over has a quadrocopter lit up with…