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Autodesk Brings Cloudy CAM Power To Fusion 360

2 months ago

If you have been with us, tracking the growth of Autodesk’s cloud-based CAD platform Fusion 360, we have some more good news for you. After the last update that brought…


Confirmed: Autodesk Getting into the Hardware Market. Announces Spark Platform.

2 months ago

Look out Stratasys. Look out ‘lil ol’ 3D Systems. Mama Autodesk is coming to hardware town, and bringing a truckload of open-platform 3D printed fury with them. Today, it was…


Fish3d: A New Touch-sensitive, Interactive Modeling Environment

4 months ago

If you’ve been fishing, you know the layer of slime that covers the fish, protecting it from your nasty hand bacteria. It’s also a defense mechanism that helps protect the…


SolidWorks World 2014 Break-Out Sessions Now Available To All

4 months ago

SolidWorks World already seems like it was in the distant past, but in reality, it was just six weeks ago. However, now’s your chance to experience SolidWorks World all over again, or maybe even for the first…


SpaceClaim Kicks Project “Connect” Out of Beta, Releases LiveReview & a 3D Print Prep Tool

4 months ago

For all of those getting antsy to click a button and start a live session to share your confidential CAD data whilst in your jammies, the ability to do so…

Bernard Charlès on ‘the Future of Designing in SolidWorks’

6 months ago

Having been President and CEO of Dassault Systèmes (parent company of SolidWorks) since September of 1995, Bernard Charlès has seen better than most how much the 3D software—and software in…


What We Found Out About SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual (and the Future of SolidWorks)

6 months ago

On the first day of SolidWorks World, you can always expect a big announcement. The big one this year is the announcement of SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual (SWMC). Last year they…


SpaceClaim Introduces First Live 3D CAD Collaboration (Cloud Not Required)

6 months ago

Hike up your pantlegs and show off that multilingual ‘I collaborate’ tattoo you mistakenly got on your calf last summer, SpaceClaim is providing good reason to get behind the possibilities…


Autodesk Slaps Manufacturing with Collaboration, Puts CAM in the Cloud

8 months ago

Autodesk is blowing off the metal shavings of static shop-side subtractive manufacturing, delivering the first of its kind collaborative CAM solution. Today, the software product/service company kicked off Autodesk University…