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Onshape FeatureScript 101 Series: Pump Up the Presets (Part 02)

1 week ago

In this video, we’ll build on last week’s hex nut code to add a drop-down list of standard metric nut sizes. We’ll begin with a simple example using simple reusable…


Model of the Week: 3D Printable High-Bypass Jet Engine [Mach 8!]

1 week ago

You know what you need on your fireplace mantle? Two deer skulls, a He-man action figure and some old books. Next to all of that, you need a 3D printed…


Your First Useful Onshape FeatureScript: A (Hex) Nut

2 weeks ago

Create your first useful Onshape feature: a hex nut. I walk you step-by-step through building 58 lines of simple, human-readable code, explaining helpful tips and tricks along the way. Onshape…


6 Steps to Understanding Integrated CAM in Fusion 360 (and Why It Matters)

3 weeks ago

Presented by The O’Jays. Remember those guys? Probably not, but I guarantee you’ve heard their most popular song, For the Love of Money. Two chords and a repetitive five-word phrase…


Model of the Week: Penny Board [Skate or Die!]

3 weeks ago

When’s the last time you went barreling down a hill on a skateboard the size of a small sea bass? Never? Well, there’s always a first time and while you’re…


Model of the Week: Procedurally Generated Trees [Plastic Trees Are The Future!]

4 weeks ago

Why would you need a procedurally generated 3d printed tree? Why wouldn’t you?! Really, think about the possibilities here. You could print a bunch of small ones and glue them…

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Onshape FeatureScript Tutorial: Building Your First Feature

1 month ago

FeatureScript is easy. Even if you’ve never coded before, Adam gets you up and running with 15 mins of free video goodness.


Everything you need to know about FeatureScript

1 month ago

Adam shows you how to use FeatureScript for Onshape, and possibly also how to be Mr. Handy Pants around the house. But mostly FeatureScript.


5 Ways Fusion 360 Improves Team Collaboration

1 month ago

Presented by   Well, well, well. We have quite a cocktail coming together here. We’ve poured in some Fusion 360 part modeling and assembly features, and squeezed in a little…