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Model of the Week: Archimedes Screw [Hellenist-astic!]

4 days ago

You know how it goes. You make one Archimedes screw and it goes missing. You make another Archimedes screw, it goes missing and you discover a small band of pygmy…


Model of the Week: Shellmo Robot Centipede [With 32 Legs!]

2 weeks ago

Why aren’t there more excessively long, undulating-legged centipede style robots?! That’s the question I always ask a packed room at the local retirement village. Sure, they throw mashed potatoes and…


First Glimpse at Vectary Online 3D Modeling Tool

2 weeks ago

Well, we’ve been waiting a long six months, but we’ve finally received access to Vectary, the highly anticipated, online 3D modeling tool, and we’re all sorts of excited to pop…


Model of the Week: Pip (Storage) Boxes [For Your Things!]

3 weeks ago

“Ello Pip!” Why hello yourself! I’m glad you showed up because I need to talk to someone about storage. I have 397 Mason jars filled with nuts, screws, stamps, snail…


Model of the Week: Søren Rose Bespoke Furniture [Designery!]

3 weeks ago

If you were to walk into my house, you would tuck your chin and say, “This space is a perfect illustration of a complete lack of modern design aesthetic.” And…


The Wolfe Supercharges Your Laptop by Supplying Desktop-Class GPU Power

1 month ago

Although MacBook Pro laptops have never been as powerful as they are today, there are still many performance limitations for serious power users that rely on desktop-class specs for working…


This Is How to Model and Construct a Functional 3D Printed Violin

1 month ago

The one instrument I would have my bodyguards play as we sauntered down the street is a violin. They’re sound is just wonderfully ominous and mysterious, while equally enchanting and……


Model of the Week: Cable Hive [Cord Honey!]

1 month ago

Store those spare cables in your cheek bags no longer *all SolidSmack readers simultaneously spit cords out of their mouths*, there are other means of keeping those cords, cables and…


Model of the Week: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B [Berry Awesome!]

1 month ago

This fabulous model? This is a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. You know, the device you can use to brain a hexapod, integrate a complete home automation system or link…