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SolidWorks ‘Apps For Kids’ Is A Capture It, Shape It, Print It Pack of Possibility

1 day ago

When I was a kid, our “modeling app” was a pile of mud and a stick. Two sticks if we were lucky. Nowadays kids have more apps than they can…


Cloud Services and Security: 5 Reasons Engineers Should Use The Cloud

2 days ago

Presented by “No way” you say. “Cloud services aren’t ready for prime time. They’re not secure/fast/reliable/full-featured enough for my business.” Let me tell you why you’re wrong.


Model of the Week: Super Bowl 50 Ring by Diego Taccioli

1 week ago

This weekend, Super Bowl 50 takes place. Panthers vs. Broncos. Newton vs. Manning. One will walk away with the coveted Super Bowl World Champions Ring. Jewelry designer Diego Taccioli, from…


SolidWorks Xdesign, Innovation Platform and What It All Means

1 week ago

SolidWorks World 2016 left 7,000 people overloaded by breakout sessions, inspired by customers, and smelling of the finest barbecue in the world. While the General Sessions were a bit all…


Your Hopes, Fears and Dreams. What Do You Want To Hear From SolidWorks?

2 weeks ago

It’s the first day of February, 2016. Time for the biggest CAD industry event for a single software package. SolidWorks World 2016 is on and there’s an ethereal feel in…


Yobi3D Model Search Finds the Most 3D Printable File (And Anything Related)

2 weeks ago

People have been using Google search since 1997 (in 1996 it was known as BackRub) to search for information on everything under the son and beyond. With the rise of…


Model Of the Week: Tri-Sphere By Simon Williamson

3 weeks ago

Today, we’re bringing back a segment that lapsed into a coma and suddenly awoke recently with a direct punch to an exposed solar plexus. Model of the Week: the best…


How Collaboration Works in Onshape (and 5 Reasons You Need to Try it Now)

3 weeks ago

Presented by Collaborating with CAD data sucks. In fact, you told us it’s the third most annoying thing in CAD back in late 2014. Onshape wants you to think they’ve…


Is Generative Design the ‘Real Future’ of CAD?

1 month ago

The new Line/Shape/Space site has an interesting read by Autodesk CTO, Jeff Kowalski. It is, of course, to promote Autodesk’s Dreamcatcher project, a parameter-based, generative design project, but the headline…