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Pixar Releases RenderMan Software Used for Toy Story and Other Films…for Free

3 days ago

If creating big budget animated films such as those produced by Pixar and Dreamworks has been on your bucket list, we have good news for you, friends. Pixar has just…


Frame Is About to Put All of Your CAD Apps in the Cloud: Our Interview with CEO Nikola Bozinovic

4 days ago

With all of the recent developments between OnShape, Autodesk’s 360 cloud offerings and even DS’ 3DEXPERIENCE, this truly is an exciting time for MCAD and ultimately, what the near-future holds…


NVIDIA Melts Jaguar Cars with Death Rays to Show off Rendering Power

6 days ago

Innocent automobile drivers out for their Sunday drive in London in the fall of 2013 may have felt the noticeable increase in temperature, the sudden blinding windshield glare and continued motoring…


Carl Bass + Jon Hirschtick = CAD in The Cloud Interview of the Year

2 weeks ago

We managed to wrangle Jon Hirschtick (Founder and Chairman, Onshape) and Carl Bass (CEO, Autodesk) into answering the same six questions about CAD in the Cloud, including the ultimate, whiz-bang…


Onshape in Action: A Quick 14-Minute Overview of Parametric 3D CAD in the Cloud

3 weeks ago

When they officially went live at 11 AM EST yesterday, Onshape sent ripples through the product design community as being the first true parametric 3D CAD solution for the browser….


Onshape Comes Out Swinging, Changes MCAD Pricing Forever

3 weeks ago

Parasolid-based Mechanical CAD, for free. You read that right. Unfettered use of the entire Onshape system for up to 5GB and five private documents at a time is completely free,…


Meca Bricks Brings an Unlimited Supply of LEGO to Your Browser

4 weeks ago

If we were all being honest here, there has to be at least one time where we have all hoped for that never ending supply of LEGO bricks of choice….


the new cadjunkie: no membership required

1 month ago

Yes, we have a fancy new website and a kick-butt new end-to-end MODO modeling course with over seven hours of ooey-gooey hard-surface SubD goodness. But that’s not all folks, no…


Pricing Next-Gen CAD: Has Dassault Systèmes Lost the Plot with 3DExperience?

1 month ago

The newly announced SolidWorks Industrial Design product is ostensibly similar to Autodesk’s popular Fusion 360 product. Like, really similar. And at $2280 per annum, the confusing mish-mash of overpriced and…