It’s days like these where you’re in your speedboat zipping from port to port with bags of frozen melon balls ready to hand out and bless everyone’s day with sweet, icy goodness. Yet, how do you keep those melon balls from getting drenched by the mad wakes you’re frothing up in the bay?

I know what you’re thinking. A BIN? But why spend time and very little money to buy one in a store, when you could use it as yet another excuse to fire up that 3D printer and print yourself a few melon ball-certified chilly bins. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Thingiverse user, muddymaker (Tony Sim), has just the solution in a stylish little waterproof storage design inspired by others that have come before. His version has eight parts (including seal, plus an MMU, single-color, and no logo version) with an inner dimension big enough to hold an iPhone 11, fat wallet, and keys… or a bag of ice-cold melon balls.

For the print, he used a Prusa I3 MKS3 3D Printer and various colors of Prusament filament (PLA, ASA and TPU types), printing at a 15-30% infill and 0.2mm resolution with no rafts or supports. You will also need 8x M3x20mm bolts with 8x M3 Nyloc nuts for the hinge and latches.

The Chilly Bin is a remix of the Frog Box which is a remix of the Rugged Waterproof Box and can be downloaded on Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory.

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