If there’s one plant you can grow in your workspace with very little sunlight, weekends without water, and the occasional sneer from a co-worker with an aversion to plant-life, it’s a succulent.

There is, however, one thing it does need. Warm, moist, humid-erifically, moist air. I’m fascinated by large water feature fountain and atrium designs that incorporate humidifiers/misters/foggers. But, how do you match that look and feel on your own desk or countertop?

Create a Misty Desktop Garden or Fountain

Well, there a few options for indoor fountain misters but it’s really easy to make your own and this week’s model is a design that incorporates a mister into a planter for your very own super classy succulent garden.

3d printed Fountain mist garden

In his first project, MyMiniFactory user ‘Hander’ shares his planter design that combines six hexagon-shaped columns with a center column that houses water and a DIY mist maker. There are nine provided parts that allow for various combinations of posts around the outside of the planter.

For the mister, you need two components, an Ultrasonic Mist Atomizer and a 40mm x 10mm fan (USB powered version here), powered by a 12V power adapter that plugs into the atomizer power port. Depending on the height you mount the atomizer, you may not need a fan. I would recommend a variable control for the fan as well. The atomizer is the same OD as the ID of a 1/2-inch PVC fitting which makes it really easy to mount and position.

You can download the model on MyMiniFactory. [Bonus! Check out this ‘Active Volcano’ model for another application of your ultrasonic mister!]

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!

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