With all the quarantining and disease spread lately, you’ve probably thought, “When’s the next flight off this crazy planet?!” Alien abduction volunteers? “Take Wuhan!” Hey now! The virus has already spread. “Blow the planet!” Calm thyself. “I’m outta here!” Ok, granted you’ll take all your bacteria and viruses with you, but should you be planning a departure, you’ll want to pack away this 3D print for looking cool in the isolation of space.

Practical 3D printed device maker ‘SunShine’ has the perfect solution for any space-related travel or, for that matter, anywhere you need some extra awesome for holding your phone. How is it ‘designed for space’? SunShine designed it without the requirement for 1) gravity 2) extra parts and 3) multiple prints. Who needs those things, really. It’s a clever design and, for all y’all with an appreciation for gears and mechanical structures, looks dang cool.

As a single print-in-place part, there are some (Cura) slicer settings you need to be aware of. SunShine uses a Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D printer and recommends a layer height of 0.2mm (or finer), line width of 0.4mm, three top and three bottom layers using Lines as the pattern, 30% Cubic infill, and make sure ‘Outer Before Inner Walls’ is unchecked with ‘Z Seam Alignment’ set to ‘Random’. He was kind enough to include a smaller test print piece as well to test all of your settings first. So kind!

You can download the Print-in-Place Phone Holder from Cults3D or Thingiverse. (Bonus! Check out SunShine’s Print-in-Place scissor jack stand for the phone holder here!)

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