No matter how much you may be winning your latest video game, there’s no winnin’ when your snacks are out of reach. You have options like placing multiple bags and bowls within arms reach but what if you could have a bowl attached to your controller? And what if it had a gimbal design to keep your snacks stationary? …excluding the occasional tossing of the controller across the room, of course.

In perhaps our most almost-practical model of the week, Noycebru presents his ultra-innovative controller attachment to keep a sizeable snack load within a double jump of your nubs.

This is a gyro snack bowl mount for your Xbox one controller. The bowl (not included, can be purchased on Amazon or Walmart) moves with your controllers so you won’t spill your snacks while gaming! It also comes with a towel rod on the back to hold your wet wipe so you won’t get your controller greasy!

The gyro snack bowl (designed for wee babes learning to eat), pretty cool in itself, could likely be modeled and printed but is readily available online. The 3D printed portion is the extension that extends from where it clips to the front of the Xbox One controller up approximately 6-inches to the cradle where the bowl is attached.

He used Fusion 360 to design the controller attachment and a Creality Ender 3 to 3D print the piece. Files provided come in F3D, GCODE, and STL formats.

Download the 3D model on Cults3D or Thingiverse. [Bonus! Check out his other creation at!]

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