Imagine you had a robot or five. One of those would need to be the cute little mascot that seemingly had no purpose but was, in fact, the leader of them all. This, it that robot.

The V-Walker is ‘A Dumb Walking Robot’ project from Yele Labs that moves along like a single-jointed inch-worm on a mission. The wheels at each end allow its single direction linear movement and, although it has limited capability (and near-zero use), it’s a fun little electronics project that has big robotic applications.

Yele started with a PVC prototype but, as you can see in the video below, it looks ugly as all get out with all its bits stuck outside. The solution is a more functional 3D printed body that serves to enclose and protect the parts, and make it more rigid.

YouTube video

Yele uses a Creality CR-10S 3D Printer to print the three parts using PLA filament. It doesn’t require rafts, but needs supports and a 20% infill. The electronics include a common 18650 lithium-ion and a micro-processor, with a motor driver and two DC motors driving the wheels. You could use a micro-controller like the ESP-32S with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (that takes up a mere 1″ x 2″!) to control it remotely… and add reverse capability while you’re at it.

You can download the V-Walker 3D print files on MyMiniFactory. [Bonus! Yele doesn’t have many designs yet but they do have the nifty, little mech box – check it out!]

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