I know you’ve got a special place in your heart for the ol’ dry cell battery but I think we can all agree that a torus of hot plasma heated to millions of degrees Celsius is absolutely ideal for all our personal energy needs.

Unfortunately, personal fusion power is quite possible yet with, ya know, decades-long research and builds of massive fusion reactors around the world yet to hit the megawatt breakeven point. But, you know what is possible? You’re very own scale model of largest tokamak in the world, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).

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The 3D Printed ITER Tokamak is a 1:100 scale version of the experimental fusion reactor in Southern France. The model was created by Tamás Szabolics and Márton Vavrik from the Hungarian Centre for Energy Research, simplified and sized for 3D printing.

Each major component of the system is included with the zip file – a large 841 MB of 3D fusion reactor bliss. The team has included a user’s guide as well that breaks down the recommendations for printing the 56 parts.

A Creality CR-10 V2 was used for the colorful test print but any printer with a 30x30x30 cm or larger build volume will do. Fillumentum PLA Extrafill filament was used for the print. I’d recommend a finer resolution than the one used in the test print but with this many parts you’re looking at a sizable print time (approx. 4 weeks for the test print).

You can download the files on the ITER website and snag the instruction and filament documents as well as hundreds of photos of the test print. [Bonus! Be sure to check out the videos that show more about the ITER assembly and how fusion power works!]

A big thanks to Ion for sending this in and helping with our “things that are torus shaped” 3D print collection.

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