Hey, Solidsmackites If you are looking to learn Autodesk Fusion 360 starting at ground zero, but don’t want to go it alone, then we’ve spotted a series that may be just the ticket! Ben over at 3DGladiator kicked off a guided Fusion 360 series building a super cool vintage military tank. Currently, he is on Day 10 where he builds his first honest-to-goodness Fusion part, a tire, and rim. Now that’s the way to set the model build in motion!

Ben | 3D Gladiator

Now Ben’s aim in the series is to chronicle his personal learning journey while building an object of sufficient complexity. He’s set up the series in a “Learn-With-Me” format. He makes no bones about being a newbie to Fusion. He invites each of us to weigh in via posting comments below each video if we have tips and tricks or happen to know an alternative feature or modeling strategy. Although Ben is a Fusion novice, his professional CG pedigree shines through. I’ve perused the content of his first few days and it is premium stuff! Along the way in each video, he offers up all sorts of educational nuggets from Fusion functionality to modeling theory. It’s good stuff! It’s not clear how many days it will take to complete the tank, but in the end, I’m certain it will be an awesome model to behold!

I’ve dropped in the day 10 video just because I love to watch 3D geometry come to life. Enjoy!

YouTube video

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