You’ve got so much work, you could use an extra hand, am I right? Well, how about a Heavy Loader or ten? Unfortunately, our model of the week won’t pick up the slack but it will pick up your spirits when you gaze upon the army of 10-inch bot loaders you’ve printed to share your workspace.

The totally poseable Heavy Loader 3D model comes from Cults3D user JWOONG, Industrial and Space Designer, who say I “Do not need paint, Do not need extra parts such as bolts, nuts and etc. Only need a 3D printer. Just print it and build it.”

We’re totally down with that JWOONG and totally down with the thought you’ve put into this incredible model. Not only is it poseable, it can also be used with his Android Prototype P-01 poseable figure and may even work with other 6-inch action figures.

The model includes 78 parts in a 347MB download (STL format). Using a standard FDM printer (we recommend a Creality Ender 3 Pro or a Anycubic Mega X) using 1.75mm filament. A layer height of 0.18 mm (0.10 for knee/elbow pins) and infill of 15-20% is recommended. You’ll have supports, so keep your Xacto knife and sandpaper nearby.

Assembly is required for this model but he was kind enough to include a two-part video assembly guide that detail the assembly of the upper half and lower half:

YouTube video
YouTube video

The result?

You can download the model from Cults3D and grab the Android character here. (Bonus! JWoong has some other incredible toy/interactive model prints, among them and hand-operated low-poly turtle and dolphin. Check’em out!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!

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