Ya know, a lot of people are impressed by a 70″ flat screen as the centerpiece of the living room. But what if that massive monitor was instead a massive 3D printed clock? Yes, endless hours of entertainment AND so much better as a focal point for your home.

Now, this week’s ‘model of the week’ isn’t exactly the size of a flat-screen TV but I have no doubt you could make one as large, chuck that TV, and have your clock playing 24-7. Created by Jacques Favre, ‘The First Clock’ is a remake of his very first 3D printed clock designed two years ago.

YouTube video

My first fascination with mechanisms was an old cuckoo clock and this 3D printed clock is no less fascinating. With only 21 parts, it shows the mechanical function of a clock and includes parts that are interchangeable with his other designs.

This one features a recoil escapement to add some variety. Many parts are compatible with the Clock One and can be combined. Use the rewind ratchet or the face with seconds, even the graham escapement can be combined with this clock. Eventually, I will add the grasshopper escapement too!

I imagine this clock printed in different colors to highlight the inner workings and, yes, printed 4x as large.

Jacques modeled the pieces using Fusion 360 and provides STL formats for all the 3D model files. He is continuously updating and improving the design, keeping a video journal of everything on his YouTube channel.

Once you see the thought put into this and how simple the print is, I’m sure you’ll be hooked on creating a 3D printed clock as well. You can download the model files at MyMiniFactory. [Bonus! Check out Clock One, his original 3D printed clock design!]

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