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More Details on the Shapr3D iPad Pro CAD App [Interview]

4 weeks ago

When I first saw the Shapr3D app, I was pretty impressed, as were some of you, but it left some lingering questions. A 3D modeling app on the iPad Pro…


The Company Quietly Expanding Their 3D Printing Platform to Bring Product Creation to the Masses

1 month ago

Back in 2014, Great Britain’s premier postal service, The Royal Mail, tied up with 3D printing company iMAKR, to offer their customers a 3D printing option on objects ranging from…


A Deeper Look Into the Glowforge Desktop Laser Cutter with CEO Dan Shapiro

3 months ago

The Glowforge laser cutter is the biggest crowdfunded 30-day campaign in history. $27.9M in 30 days. It didn’t launch on Kickstarter. It didn’t re-launch on Indiegogo. It launched on their…


SolidSmack Catches up with 3D Printing Visionary Joshua Harker (Video Interview)

10 months ago

Ever since he exploded onto the additive manufacturing scene in October of 2011 – thanks in no small part to the success of his Crania Anatomica Filigre Kickstarter campaign –…


Daniel Szohatzky’s Handcrafted Geometric Lights Scare the Monsters Away

11 months ago

Times have certainly changed in the “art nouveau” world which was synonymous with harmonizing the various elements of nature with design. Say a warm hello to Canada’s craftsman de extraordinaire…


Interview: Dave Petrillo on Making the Booze Joulies (and Coffee Joulies)

11 months ago

Dave Petrillo and Dave Jackson made waves with the Coffee Joulies; and now their new sensation – Booze Joulies – keeps alcohol cold without watering it down is creating quite…


How College Entrepreneur Joseph Polite Brought His Water Bottle Design to Life

1 year ago

If there’s one thing that the world seemingly doesn’t need any more of, it’s another reusable water bottle design. Between the combination of modular concepts that unscrew for easier cleaning…


Interview: Creating the BiCi Smart Bicycle with Industrial Designer Minchen Jiang

1 year ago

Basic Conception (AKA BiCi) is a smart bicycle with tech that will make you drool all over the handlebars of your Huffy. Among other features, the goodies include built-in sensors…


Stupefying ButterUp Knife Cuts Like A Dream (Interview)

1 year ago

We all have lived through those excruciatingly painful moments when a knob of cold, hard butter refused to spread easily on a slice of bread. Whose fault is it –…