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Moleskine’s New PRO Collection Wants to Bridge Your Creativity and Productivity

1 day ago

When it comes to sketchbooks, most people have a tried and true formula that ranges from specific binding styles and paper types to stacks of whichever recycled paper is available…


The Sensel Morph Brings Pressure-Sensitive, Multi-Touch Capabilities to Your Digital Devices

7 days ago

When you’re marketing your product as “the first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device that enables users to interact with the digital world like never before” in today’s age of portable Cintiq…


A British Energy Firm is Working to Bring a 7-Day Hydrogen Battery to iPhones

2 weeks ago

As a highly versatile natural energy carrier that also happens to be the most plentiful element in the universe, hydrogen has been used to power everything from cars on the…


Rumored iPad Pro with Force Touch Stylus Predicted to Begin Production by October

2 weeks ago

It’s been a long time coming – and many, many third-party stylus designs have come and gone – but Apple is finally expected to release a 12.9″ iPad model designed…


This $119 Peripheral Will Turn Any TV Into a Giant Touchscreen Device

3 weeks ago

With many large touchscreen displays – such as Microsoft’s 4K 55- & 84-inch Surface Hub Displays set to arrive next month – commanding up to $20,000, it comes with little…


The 17″ Is Back. Lenovo Announces the P70 ThinkPad Workstation.

3 weeks ago

For all those mobile modeling mavens waiting for another 17″ workstation option, your wait is over. Today, from SIGGRAPH 2015, Lenovo has announced they are bringing back the 17″ workstation,…


Dell’s First Rugged Windows Tablet Designed to Withstand Harsh Shop Environments

1 month ago

As we move towards a more streamlined, always-anywhere, Cloud-connected computing experience however, it’s becoming more common for users to want to take their hardware into more demanding conditions outside of…


How Will Scanning and MoCap Technology Change 3D Design?

2 months ago

The Creator’s Project kicked off their ReForm series, jumping straight into 3D scanning, but 3D scanning on scale that you likely haven’t seen yet. The short inaugural documentary looks at…


Google’s Project Soli Could Completely Change 3D Modeling

3 months ago

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group has taken 100 year old technology and slapped it on a slab of sand to change how we interact with software and hardware. Project…