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Graphic Designer Builds Automated LEGO Rotary Dumper and Cargo Loader

2 weeks ago

People have been building unique creations using LEGO bricks since Ole Kirk Christiansen (The Lego Group) began manufacturing the toy bricks back in 1949. Over the years, LEGO bricks have…


ReSpeaker Brings Voice Interaction to (Almost) Anything in Your Home

2 weeks ago

Imagine having an Echo (Amazon’s voice-activated home automation device) controlling every device in your home. That’s the idea behind Seeed’s latest endeavor, the ReSpeaker. The ReSpeaker adds voice recognition/interaction to…


Your Next Computer Will Fit In Your Wallet, Be Used in Multiple Devices

3 weeks ago

What if you had a device that let you repair a broken laptop or even upgrade it just by swapping out a card? What if that card IS your computer,…


SIMIT Is a Super Optimized, Open-source Physical Simulation Dream

3 weeks ago

Rendering physical systems in computer simulations can be a daunting task even for the best of programmers, and more so if more than one model parameter is required. If you’re…


MIT Media Lab Creates Metal Leaf Tattoos (That Are Actually Customizable Interfaces)

4 weeks ago

Flash tats and metallic jewelry tattoos are all the rage among the fashionistas. Why? Well, they can be used to aesthetically augment traditional metal jewelry or make you stand out…


Wacom’s New Paper Smartpads Instantly Turn Your Analog Sketches Into Digital Vectors

4 weeks ago

While known primarily for creating products that digitize analog gestures via a pressure-sensitive stylus, Wacom’s focus as of late has been on extending this experience back over to native analog…


MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab Just Developed a Self-Assembling Mobile Phone

1 month ago

It’s no secret that assembling the dozens –– or hundreds –– of parts that make up a consumer electronic product assembly is both costly and time-intensive. But what if said electronics…


The World’s First Smart Football Just Might Change the Way the Game is Played

2 months ago

For some, it seems to come almost too easily before even having started grade school. For others, it can take a lifetime (if it ever happens) to master. Regardless, throwing…


This $230 Japanese Toaster Has a Three Month Waiting List

3 months ago

Unless you’re a true toast and marmalade connoisseur, chances are you pay little mind to your toaster aside from a somewhat considered industrial design that may or may not match…