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MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab Just Developed a Self-Assembling Mobile Phone

5 days ago

It’s no secret that assembling the dozens –– or hundreds –– of parts that make up a consumer electronic product assembly is both costly and time-intensive. But what if said electronics…


The World’s First Smart Football Just Might Change the Way the Game is Played

3 weeks ago

For some, it seems to come almost too easily before even having started grade school. For others, it can take a lifetime (if it ever happens) to master. Regardless, throwing…


This $230 Japanese Toaster Has a Three Month Waiting List

2 months ago

Unless you’re a true toast and marmalade connoisseur, chances are you pay little mind to your toaster aside from a somewhat considered industrial design that may or may not match…


Rasptouch Opensource Audio Player, Powered by Raspberry Pi 3

2 months ago

Pirate radio, HAM radio and streaming/music player projects involving the Raspberry Pi can be found ALL over the interwebs, in the hobby shops and between the couch cushions, but while…


LiquidPiston’s 4-lb Rotary Engine Shows What it Can Do

2 months ago

LiquidPiston has invented a new rotary type engine that is piston-less, valve-less, and weighs only four pounds. They published a proof of concept video for the XMv3 engine, shown powering…


This Kit Helps Young Inventors Build Their Own Computer Using Minecraft

2 months ago

If you haven’t heard of Minecraft, some may consider you lucky. Others may be shocked. It’s a block-based, build-it-yourself video game that has become popular over the years with gamers…


The $28 BrushKnob Speeds Up Your Digital Product Creation Workflow

3 months ago

By day, Wataru Kami is a concept artist at a production company in Tokyo, Japan. By night, he is a seasoned hardware tinkerer with one hand on the keyboard and…


The WiCAM’s Open-Source Design Makes it More Than a Simple Spy Cam

3 months ago

It’s small–a little bigger than a box of matches–has a 120 degree wide-angle, 2-megapixel lens and can be placed anywhere you need another set of eyes. That’s the short list…


NASA Calling Makers, Inventors and Artists to Help Develop Future Space Tech

3 months ago

There are people who dream about becoming a famous athlete. Then there are others who want to be an astronaut. Well, even if you’ll never make the cut to launch…