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Shaped Charges? 3D Printed Batteries Now Closer to Reality

4 days ago

Out in Calverton, NY, placed at the very end of Long Island, Graphene 3D Labs have been working on a rather novel idea. A 3D Printed Battery. Unlike about 4/5th…


Oculus VR Acquires 3D Modeling Company, Moves Closer to Being a Design Tool

1 week ago

While the potential uses for virtual reality as a form of three-dimensional content creation are still up in the air, recent advancements…including the ability to augment reality and work within…


This Compass Design Sketches Your Digital Files Onto Paper

4 weeks ago

After years of humans figuring out ways of getting analog sketches into a digital platform, design engineer Ken Nakagaki is reversing that notion and wants us to put our digital…


Flow Wants to Streamline Your CAD Workflow with Hand Gestures

4 weeks ago

When it comes to tearing through the steps required to build a CAD model, everybody has their own proven method. While some might prefer a 3D mouse paired with a…


New Magazine Concept Delivers Parts to Build Your Own Desktop 3D Printer

4 weeks ago

Partwork publications, which consist of a larger story, guide or project that is broken into digestible magazine-like installments, have been among the best ways to deliver epic stories and more…


Ambitious Kickstarter Project Wants You to Reserve Your Place in Space

1 month ago

The reality of sending your digital memories into a drilled hole on the moon might sound a little far-fetched for the common man, but in an age where blender-cooler hybrids…


These New Analog Measuring Tools Create Real-Time Digital 3D Models

2 months ago

While modern CAD tools have made the product design workflow easier than ever (depending on who you ask), the need for more simple tools including sketchbooks, a favorite pen and…


VRClay + Oculus Rift Makes Our Eyeballs Jiggle

2 months ago

There is nothing more cool than watching the dude in this video sculpt a fake spider in virtual reality. Using a Sculpting Tool, VRClay allows you to freely sculpt with…


Behind the Bacon: The Tech Behind Industrial-Scale Meat Carving

3 months ago

Walk into any grocery store and you will find a whole section of the store dedicated to meat of all kinds packaged and promptly digested. Most people don’t really know…