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Build Your Own Apple Watch with DoNothingBox’s ‘Open Source Watch’

20 hours ago

There are a ton of open source hardware projects built around the Arduino microcontroller…such as the Airmonica musical instrument and the Pixelate interactive eating game, however none of these offer…

gibson memory cable

Inspiration Insurance: Gibson’s ‘Memory Cable’ is a Digital Sketchbook for Music Ideas

5 days ago

Guitar players have all been there before: you’re laying-down some great riffs for a new song and then BAM!, the phone rings. After talking up a storm about the song…


BenQ 32″ Monitor: A Massive Display For Design and Engineer Pros [Review]

3 weeks ago

If you’ve been in product development for any number of years, you know a person’s productivity is directly proportional to the size of their screen. You also know that’s completely…


This Autonomous Robot is Squishibly Soft (and Nearly Indestructible)

3 weeks ago

Of all the robot apocalypse scenarios that cross your mind on any given day, who would have thought one would be a autonomous, rubbery, four-legged crawl-bot? With a design that…


The Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse Allows You to Scan Your Sketches and Jump Into SolidWorks Immediately

1 month ago

Add this to our growing bucket of things we wish we would have thought of before. The Zcan is a new ergonomic wireless mouse design that lets users swipe in…


Enhanced Fluidity With FLEKS3D Build-Plate System And Wet Dreams

1 month ago

As one of the easiest way to have an uninterrupted, fluid 3D printing experience, the FLEKS3D Build-Plate System is a designer’s wet dream. The design resolves 3 major issues with…


Up Close and Personal With Google’s Project Tango 3D Mapping Tablet

1 month ago

Aiming to ‘give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion’, Google’s Project Tango has been met with enthusiasm from both developers and consumers alike since being announced in…


Why dev boards and SBCs replace development, case in point

1 month ago

I work with a guy who routinely lifts whole sections from a dev-board pcb layout and places it into his own design. Lets call him Sparky. You think Sparky is…


Orgasmically Awesome LEGO Milling Machines

2 months ago

Holy mother of inventions! The Milling Machines designed by Arthur Sacek are so exciting they send tinngles through our nether regions. Too bad Arthur doesn’t particularly want to share how…