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AirType: Is This Self-Learning Tool the Final Answer for Replacing the Keyboard?

2 weeks ago

We’ve seen quite the gamut of keyboards within the past decade ranging from iterations on the same clickity-clack behemoths of yesteryear to the slim, clean and wireless Bluetooth offerings that…


Inventor Spotlight: Oluwaseyi Sosanya and his 3d Weaver Loom

4 weeks ago

The patent pending 3d Weaver is a loom designed specifically to weave three-dimensional structures using the x y and z coordinates. As a recent graduate of the Royal College of…


Franky Does It Again – Combines Insane and Awesome with the Hoverboard

4 weeks ago

For those who joined the party late, good old Franky Zapata is the father of ‘the future of water sports’ – or that’s what we’d like to think of him…


DreamVendor Brings Students’ Fantasies And 3D Designs To Life

1 month ago

Virginia Tech students are lucky to have easy access to the DreamVendor, an interactive 3D printing station. Think of it as your 3D Printing Vending Machine, where instead of putting…


Ford And H.J. Heinz Cook Sauce – Nah, Just Some Tomato Wires

2 months ago

No, SolidSmack is not reporting on recipes to cook the best pizza sauce and neither are we reporting on La Tomatina, however we are simply marveling at the strange bedfellows…


Fascinating: 3D on the Rocks Will Fire Your Spirit

2 months ago

You have to hand it to the Japanese who are making art out of drinking your daily dose of tipple. *hic* Suntory Whiskey is a brand that is urging all…


Spinning Like Spidy Crazy With OutRunner

2 months ago

We are totally freaked out with the OutRunner – The World’s First RC Running Robot, kinda reminds us of the Roadrunner from the Looney Tunes cartoons! The only thing missing…


Monday Predictions: 3D Printed Fruit Will Be A MasterChef Disaster

2 months ago

It’s almost as if we can hear Chef Gordon Ramsey bellowing at the participant who dared to experiment with molecular gastronomy and 3D Printing Fruits! In the name of marrying…


Retro Design: Always #Selfie Ready With The Lomo’Instant Camera

2 months ago

My mind is spinning right now; I just saw that Lomography has managed to raise more than $500k for their Kickstarter Campaign …. But first… Let’s take a #Selfie! *snap*…