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This $230 Japanese Toaster Has a Three Month Waiting List

2 weeks ago

Unless you’re a true toast and marmalade connoisseur, chances are you pay little mind to your toaster aside from a somewhat considered industrial design that may or may not match…


Rasptouch Opensource Audio Player, Powered by Raspberry Pi 3

3 weeks ago

Pirate radio, HAM radio and streaming/music player projects involving the Raspberry Pi can be found ALL over the interwebs, in the hobby shops and between the couch cushions, but while…


LiquidPiston’s 4-lb Rotary Engine Shows What it Can Do

4 weeks ago

LiquidPiston has invented a new rotary type engine that is piston-less, valve-less, and weighs only four pounds. They published a proof of concept video for the XMv3 engine, shown powering…


This Kit Helps Young Inventors Build Their Own Computer Using Minecraft

1 month ago

If you haven’t heard of Minecraft, some may consider you lucky. Others may be shocked. It’s a block-based, build-it-yourself video game that has become popular over the years with gamers…


The $28 BrushKnob Speeds Up Your Digital Product Creation Workflow

1 month ago

By day, Wataru Kami is a concept artist at a production company in Tokyo, Japan. By night, he is a seasoned hardware tinkerer with one hand on the keyboard and…


The WiCAM’s Open-Source Design Makes it More Than a Simple Spy Cam

1 month ago

It’s small–a little bigger than a box of matches–has a 120 degree wide-angle, 2-megapixel lens and can be placed anywhere you need another set of eyes. That’s the short list…


NASA Calling Makers, Inventors and Artists to Help Develop Future Space Tech

2 months ago

There are people who dream about becoming a famous athlete. Then there are others who want to be an astronaut. Well, even if you’ll never make the cut to launch…


The UDOO X86 Has 10X Power of Raspberry Pi, Powers Three 4k Screens

2 months ago

Tell me if this is an offer you could pass up. (I can’t.) An Intel Atom x5-E8000 or Celeron N3160 quad-core CPU, up to 8GB DDR3L dual-channel RAM, 8GB of…


BaseLantern Camp Light Packs a Big Beam, Charges Mobile Devices

2 months ago

Sometimes you just need to unplug, pack up some snacks, grab the gear, and make for the hills. But just because you want a weekend free of social media and…