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30 Freelancers are Designing An Arm for a Free-Flying Space Robot

4 days ago

Even with all the private sector space rocketry going on, NASA is still cuttin’ the edge and stayin’ relevant. They have experts in their field aiming to reach new heights…


How Sonos Reinvented Their Industrial Design To Craft Their New Speaker

1 month ago

Ever since its release early this fall, the Sonos PLAY:5 has been getting rave reviews – saying the petite speaker packs a punch and delivers great no matter if you’re…


Microbot Push Is A Smart Device To Push Your Buttons

2 months ago

The point of technology? Make our lives easier. It’s almost 2016, and I still have to press buttons? Puh-lease. How about a microbot made to push your buttons, literally? That’s…


BitDrones Are the Interactive, 3D Modeling Microbots of the Future

2 months ago

Imagine being able to interact with virtual objects that are tangible in any given 3D space. For instance, designing a building using hovering 3D geometry that can be manipulated and positioned into a…


Lenovo Cracks Open the Whoopass, Unveils The ThinkPad P40 Yoga Workstation Tablet

2 months ago

There’s a face people make when they’re overwhelmed with excess awesome. It’s somewhere between a wide-eyed pucker and explosive, jowl-shaking laughter. I saw some people making that face today when…


Nimbus Lab Develops Arson Drone to Assist in Controlled Burns

3 months ago

Over the last several years, drones have graduated from being primarily used by the military as a spy or hunter/killer platform to being employed by everyone from corporations to civil…


Lytro’s Latest Camera is Made to Capture 6 Degrees of Virtual Reality

3 months ago

With VR viewing innovations like the Oculus Rift, and Microsoft’s HoloLens or Sony’s Playstation VR headset looming, everyone wants a bag of that virtual reality cash. Now camera maker Lytro…


Snickerdoodle Professional-Grade Mini Computer Now Available to the Masses

3 months ago

Have you ever been frustrated with the limitations of Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and other mini computers? For me, it comes down to IO. I needed 100 IO pins on the…


Open-Source Volumetric Display Pushes What is Possible With 3D Visualization

3 months ago

Technology keeps advancing, but not always in the way we predicted in the 90s. Volumetrics hopes to change that with the rollout of its open-source volumetric display design, which is…