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These New Analog Measuring Tools Create Real-Time Digital 3D Models

1 week ago

While modern CAD tools have made the product design workflow easier than ever (depending on who you ask), the need for more simple tools including sketchbooks, a favorite pen and…


VRClay + Oculus Rift Makes Our Eyeballs Jiggle

2 weeks ago

There is nothing more cool than watching the dude in this video sculpt a fake spider in virtual reality. Using a Sculpting Tool, VRClay allows you to freely sculpt with…


Behind the Bacon: The Tech Behind Industrial-Scale Meat Carving

3 weeks ago

Walk into any grocery store and you will find a whole section of the store dedicated to meat of all kinds packaged and promptly digested. Most people don’t really know…


Raspberry Pi gets some competition with SolidRun’s HummingBoard series

4 weeks ago

The Raspberry Pi has been on the scene since 2012 as one of the more popular SBCs on the market and it’s clear to see why. It’s incredibly small for…


Formula One Engineers Bring Color to Carbon Fiber Designs With New ‘Hypetex’ Material

1 month ago

Known as one of the strongest and lightest materials to work with, carbon fiber is also not without its limitations…particularly in the color department. Aiming to change that, a team…


Build Your Own Apple Watch with DoNothingBox’s ‘Open Source Watch’

1 month ago

There are a ton of open source hardware projects built around the Arduino microcontroller…such as the Airmonica musical instrument and the Pixelate interactive eating game, however none of these offer…

gibson memory cable

Inspiration Insurance: Gibson’s ‘Memory Cable’ is a Digital Sketchbook for Music Ideas

1 month ago

Guitar players have all been there before: you’re laying-down some great riffs for a new song and then BAM!, the phone rings. After talking up a storm about the song…


BenQ 32″ Monitor: A Massive Display For Design and Engineer Pros [Review]

2 months ago

If you’ve been in product development for any number of years, you know a person’s productivity is directly proportional to the size of their screen. You also know that’s completely…


This Autonomous Robot is Squishibly Soft (and Nearly Indestructible)

2 months ago

Of all the robot apocalypse scenarios that cross your mind on any given day, who would have thought one would be a autonomous, rubbery, four-legged crawl-bot? With a design that…