You have definitely heard this statement from your friends or relatives. Or maybe you yourself blame constant stress for your insomnia. You will be very surprised to learn that the opposite is true. You don’t have insomnia because of stress. Insomnia changes your mental state, and any problem that you would easily deal with in ordinary life seems huge and insoluble. Due to lack of sleep, you live in constant stress.

For those who prefer to keep up with the times, choose only the most comfortable, innovative, orthopedic bed, manufacturers offer an adjustable Progressive Bed with an in-built massage function. Their main advantage is the ability to fine-tune for a specific person taking into account the wishes and state of health.

The multifunctional base allows you to change the position whenever you need it, as well as the angle of inclination of the footboard or headboard. The user will be able to transform the surface depending on the goals (sleeping, reading, watching TV, etc.) and turn on the massage function using the remote control without applying physical effort.

According to the Oxford University research, it has become possible to discover many interesting and at the same time shocking factors about lack of normal sleep or insomnia. 

Volunteers slept three nights for 8 hours a day, and three nights for 4 hours. At the same time, they kept a video diary and answered test questions. After nights with eight hours of sleep, everyone felt satisfied and in good spirits. After nights with 4 hours of sleep, everything changed. There was a marked increase in the level of anxiety, melancholy, and stress, there were also signs of psychosis and there was an increase in distrust in relation to other people.

Some study participants directly said that they had apathy for everything and a bad mood. Others claimed that lack of sleep had no effect on their mood. But even in them, the tests revealed increased anxiety, although they did not feel it.

There is a simple explanation for this. Lack of sleep changes the hormonal background, the amount of stress hormones increases, and the hormones of happiness, on the contrary, become less.

Features, possibilities of adjustable bed frames with massage

Such a frame can be part of a bed with a massage base or sold separately. It can be used without a frame, on its own, inside there is a high-quality orthopedic mattress.

The design does not have a rigid frame, which allows you to install it on any existing furniture. It is only necessary to choose the right size, provide the construction with good support to avoid deflection. For a large bed, it is better to use frames on slats.

The built-in massage function performs can be activated at one level (head, legs) or at once at all. In this case, the user can choose a model that is comfortable for themselves. You can set the timer so that to relax with a massage for 20-30 minutes or more.

In addition to this function, you can use other useful features:

  • Anti-snoring – the surface assumes a position that contributes to the maximum reduction of snoring;
  • Weightlessness – this function allows you to improve blood flow, relax muscles, relieve tension;
  • Programming of convenient positions – smart models are able to remember 2-3 favorite positions of a particular user;
  • Adjustment of the footboard and headboard – can be carried out together or separately.

It will not be possible to buy a multifunctional sleeping place inexpensively, but the rather high price of the goods is fully compensated by the health benefits, maximum convenience, and long service life.

You can find beds with a transformable frame and massage function just by ordering online. There is a large selection of models at a nice price, and upon purchase, the smart bed frame experts organize delivery to any region of the country.

Why More People Think about Buying an Adjustable Bed

Do not know where to invest money to? An innovative and absolutely ergonomic adjustable bed base is a great option especially if you care about your health and want to sleep regularly with ideal comfort and harmony. One of three people in the world complains about pain in the back and bad sleep. Did you know that sleeping upright can be perceived as more convenient if compared with common flat surface body placement? 

People who have a chronic problem of terrible and loud snoring can also take advantage of using such a great automated bed base. When you sleep with a bit elevated head you make the airway normal, so the person stops snoring and gets enough amount of oxygen. Those who have low blood pressure can improve their flow by placing their legs higher due to the lifting function of lower limbs. Taking into account the diverse needs of the clients, the smart bed frames have been improved allowing the sleepers to take different positions on both sides. You just need to provide your individual settings and can sleep with your partner, for example, at the most convenient angles.  

Using this unique bed frame, it becomes possible to adjust any convenient position for you upper and lower parts of the body. The following contractions primarily were successfully applied for medical purposes in hospitals so that patients with serious body issues could feel comfortable. Today’s contemporary adjustable beds have more functions and interesting perks you can enjoy every day. Those suffering from lower back pain share their positive experience, telling that these bed frame models are really very helpful and can alleviate unbearable pain when the legs are higher than the head. 

One of the favorite functions among the users is the availability of massage function, possibility to make personal settings, pleasant vibrating wake-up alarm, and USB connection interface, which is also great for people who use smartphones in bed. Concerning the price, it varies allowing you to select the frame in accordance with your budget and preferences. All the details and mechanisms are tested by the related experts to guarantee both comfort and durability for many years of use.