Anxiety over recent events – and the pressure of having to work during said events – has caused us to turn a wide variety of spaces into a classy home-office. However, there’s one critical item to complete any work-intensive space. A speaker that provides just the right amount of ambient music to keep you concentrating

Level10’s UPstage180 speaker promises precisely this ability to complete your home office with class, style, and high-end audio. There a bit of innovative tech in this tiny speaker that makes it uniquely designed for indoor spaces that even the most dedicated audiophiles can get excited about.

Equipped with Two Twoofers and One Woofer

The UPstage180 houses two design “firsts”, both of which relate to upgrades in the bass speaker. 

First, from Soundmatters, an industry leader in micro-acoustic engineering, they have access to the Linear Magnetic Drive Twoofer. 

It’s so named for the combined output of the woofer and tweeter into a single device. Made from carbon fiber, the “twoofer” provides both high-frequency and low-frequency sounds from a teeny 0.2mm diaphragm.

Right along with this, the UPstage180 is also the first speaker to use a “high-power, flat glass woofer” sourced from BDNC. How high-powered, you might ask? Despite its size – which measures a mere 0.2mm thick glass diaphragm – it achieves bass of 60Hz.

See the pattern yet? Ultimately, the UPstage180 aims for hi-res and pure quality sound, all in a very tiny package.

In layman’s terms: it’s a powerful speaker with a compact aesthetic.

Level10 UPstage180 Speaker Features:

  • The choice between a wall mount or table stand
  • App control that automatically adjusts right and left channels in the case of multiple speakers in a room
  • Wireless Concert Technology and seamless Bluetooth connection for full home use, so you never have to press pause
  • Ambiance sound effects for every need; white noise for meditation, relaxation, and deep sleep
  • Adjustable warm light with three different operating modes
  • Available in four colors: Ponder Black, Classic Blue, Rhodium Silver, and Living Coral

There’s no more need to find room in your minimal home for a bulky speaker just to get decent audio. And even less need to carry that weight around from room to room as you go about your day. Instead, the additional features that come with Level10’s new speaker encourage treating it as decoration, just another portrait on the wall.

This product is fully funded on Kickstarter and has far surpassed its original pledge goal of $20,000 with 181 backers. There is still time to support the development of Level10’s UPstage180 speakers, with some Early Bird Bundle pledges still available and an estimated delivery date of October 2020.