When we talk about internet service providers, there are just too many in the US. Each with more to offer than the last, with exciting combinations and bundles. It is easy to get distracted by big brand names like Xfinity, Spectrum, and others of the sort. They are widely available, and the marketing on them is just more attractive. And while there is nothing wrong with these bigger names in the market, there is no doubt in the fact that some of the best services in the land come from the most underrated providers.

There is a similar case with TDS Internet. It is not that widely known and has slightly limited coverage in only 30 states. However, if you are lucky enough to be in a service area covered by TDS Internet, it would be of value to take it on a test run. The service is dependable, the rates are surprisingly good, they provide service to households and small businesses, and there is no harm in getting to know a new provider. In this article, we discuss some of the things about TDS Internet and whether or not it deserves the hype that surrounds it.

What is the TDS Internet service type?

TDS mainly works on a DSL service, which is perfect for rural and suburban communities, but they do offer multiple technologies for internet networking. It does provide cable internet, too, as well as fiber optic internet, which continues to expand and grow by the day. There is no one service type when it comes to TDS; all are great in their respectable areas and service people to the best of their ability.

TDS Internet Features 

TDS internet has a bunch of interesting features that make it stand out in a crowd of small-time providers. Some of these smart features are:

1. You can choose a speed tier of your liking, depending upon the needs of your house. Where 15 Mbps can be enough to serve a small household, if you have bigger needs, you can go for higher speeds. TDS 100 Mbps or higher plans not only give you good speeds but are perfect with bigger families. If you are looking for even higher speeds, you can go for Gig plans with TDS which supports every possible thing you can imagine. Whether it is online learning, video conferencing, remote work, or even gaming and entertainment, TDS has got you covered on all fronts!

2. Data allowance is the biggest hiccup that sometimes comes in the way of our workflow. TDS data plans for DSL do come with a cap of 250 GB, unfortunately. It is high, but it just doesn’t make the cut sometimes. So, if you don’t like being wrapped up in data caps, we have a solution for you. TDS offers unlimited data on all of their cable and fiber plans, and you know what that means? Unlimited partying, all night!

3. TDS Whole-home Wi-Fi is the ultimate home internet experience for all the members of your household. It comes in two categories, Standard and TDS Wi-Fi, the latter of which is just a tad bit more advanced. Standard Wi-Fi with TDS is a basic version, more suited to smaller homes and spaces. TDS Wi-Fi, on the other hand, is a more innovative solution for larger homes. It comes with a primary router and a Wi-Fi extender, both of which work in perfect harmony to create the best possible internet experience for you.

4. A premium feature that just makes sense in TDS internet plans is the all-included Wi-Fi security suite. Since online security is such a big deal in the world today, TDS strives to provide services that are not only good but also safe. With the TDS security suite, you can block suspicious websites, protect your cards on online transactions, and guard your personal info. It also has a hacker alert feature that alerts you about malicious malware, spam, viruses and protects your online persona.

5. All TDS internet plans come with a trial period of 1 month or 30-day with a money-back guarantee if you do not like their services. It is a nice way to get to know the service and experience the provider before you get into any lasting contracts. However, on the off chance that you do have to cancel, make sure you do so within the trial period and return all the equipment on time. Failure to do so within the required time may render you liable to pay extra fees.

6. TDS internet and Wi-Fi come with online cloud storage worth over 200 GB. Doesn’t that just sound tempting? Upload anything you want on your cloud storage and access it whenever you want. Not only does this make your online work easier, but this cloud also helps you clear space across your devices as you put more things online.

7. One of the game changers with TDS internet that truly rewrite history is the remote PC support. It is a pain in the neck to the stuck at a point where your network keeps failing or some other technical glitch you may be facing. Regardless, TDS not only understands your struggle but also works to solve it. With remote PC support at your fingertips, you can always turn to TDS for help, with a technician at your disposal no matter what time you need them!

8. TDS allows you to get your own modem, which is the perfect way to cut down on extra costs. Not only can you save up on the monthly rental, but also, in the longer run, it will end up being a great investment.

TDS Internet plans and packages

TDS internet plans are very convenient since they come in multiple speed tiers and hence pricing plans. This way, you are not stuck with a higher speed than you want, paying for more than what you need. However, since the service types vary so much with TDS, it is possible that you or your neighborhood receives one type or even limited speed tiers at a given time.

TDS internet plans mainly differ from DSL and fiber internet services. Both have different speed tiers and pricing plans. Some of the TDS plans and their speed tiers are mentioned below, so you gave an idea of what to get.

TDS DSL Internet Plans

TDS Internet Plan (DSL) Max. Download Speeds
Lite 1 Mbps
Express 5 Mbps
Turbo 15 Mbps
Mach 25 Mbps


TDS Fiber Broadband Internet Plans

TDS Fiber Plan Max. Download Speeds
Extreme 25 25 Mbps
Extreme 50 50 Mbps
Extreme 100 100 Mbps
Extreme 300 300 Mbps
Extreme 600 600 Mbps
1 Gig 1000 Mbps


Since the pricing for these plans varies a lot from address to address, we have not quoted the ranges here. However, you can visit the page for more info.

Wrapping up

It is safe to say that small-time, more area-targeted internet service providers are able to provide good services within competitive market rates. It is worth giving small providers like TDS a chance to understand what they can offer you. TDS internet plans tick all these boxes in the best way possible. Plus, with a 30-day money-back guarantee and trial period, what more do you need to begin the process? Not much, as we have come to see.

So, is TDS internet worth the hype?

It definitely is. And is TDS internet worth the investment?

That would be another yes from us.

So, grab the keys and take them out on a test drive.

Who knows, you might just find your new favorite provider!