Hang onto your Zeats, they said. It’s must-Zee, they said. We’re launching a new line of entry-level workstations the likes of which HP fans have never Zeen. You chuckle but it’s true, HP has announced their new entry-level desktop and mobile workstations. The new options include the ZBook Fury G7 (15″ and 17″) and ZBook Power G7 (15″) mobile workstations and the new Z2 Mini G5, Z2 Small Form Factor G5, and Z2 Tower G5 desktop workstations. All are designed for 3D professionals and students who need a place to snuggle up with hefty 3D/VR capability with affordable entry-level options or pro-level upgrades. Let’s have a little look.

ZBook G7 Mobile Workstations

Front to Back: HP ZBook Power G7 (15″), HP ZBook Fury G7 (15″) and HP ZBook Fury G7 (17″)

HP’s mobile line-up is squeezing all the power possible into smaller, lighter packages sporting the latest 10-gen Intel Core CPUs with up to 8 core/16 threads. The Fury G7 15″ and 17″ models sit at the top of the Z mobile workstation line ringing in at a starting price of $1,989 and $2,039, respectively, with options for NVIDIA RTX or AMD Radeon Pro GPUs and up to 4TB of M.2 storage. The Power G7 15″ (price unavailable) will offer NVIDIA Quadro T-series GPUs and up to 2TB of M.2 storage.

Z2 G5 Desktop Workstations

The Z2 G5 Mini, SFF, and Tower desktop workstations bring a touch more power to your office, again with 10th gen Intel Core CPUs but up to 10 cores/20 threads. The Tower G5 (starting at $869) gets you into high-end graphics territory with NVIDIA RTX and Radeon Pro GPU options while the Mini G5 (starting at $899) limits you to P-series NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and the SFF G5 (starting at $849) provides P-series and the mid-range Quadro RTX 3000. All offer up to 2TB of M.2 storage with the SFF G5 providing up to 8TB of SATA HDD storage.

You can certainly plan to jump quickly into $1k range for any options outside the base configurations here but these are attractive starting price nonetheless.

For the mobile workstations, the ZBook Fury G7 options will be available on September 14 with the ZBook Power G7 following October 5th. The Z2 Mini G5 is available soon with the Z2 SFF G5 and Z2 Tower G5 models following on September 28th.


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