The new Azure certification path from Microsoft can help job seekers, and professionals find exciting employment opportunities.

Microsoft recently released new certifications and corresponding learning paths that are perfect for anyone currently in the workforce. Microsoft has made these paths to diversify its offerings and create a more adaptable workspace. Microsoft Azure certifications are ideal for a range of professionals that include azure architect certification, azure security certification, and many more.

For instance, the Azure fundamentals certification is ideal for beginners and seasoned professionals to master the basics of Azure and adopt critical technical know-how. Such Azure certification paths have become much coveted among professionals.

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals:

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is an exam that demonstrates candidates as skilled Azure users. The Azure certification path exam is knowledge-based, so training and preparation can help you clear it.

Eligibility Criteria:

This specific certification is for candidates who want to demonstrate their knowledge of cloud services and how they operate. Specifically, it deals with Azure.

Cloud-based solutions are relevant to a wide range of companies and are ideal for people who do not have any previous experience with this. This exam is for people who don’t have technical backgrounds and work in transactions with cloud-based services.

It provides rapid, reliable, on-demand access to computing power, data storage, and applications. Certification in Azure will enable professionals to build and deploy scalable cloud applications. They also master the following concepts within the Azure cloud:

  • Understanding of cloud concepts
  • Knowledge of Azure core services.
  • Understanding Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust.

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Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator:

To obtain the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator, you are required to take two exams: Exam 70-533 and AZ-104.

Eligibility criteria:

The exams are designed for administrators, consultants, and developers who manage and maintain cloud solutions.

By obtaining this certification, you will demonstrate that you know it is necessary to pass an examination of a particular topic.

  • Manage your Azure subscriptions and resources
  • Implement and manage storage
  • Implement and manage virtual machines (VMs)
  • Configure and manage virtual networks
  • Manage identities
  • Evaluate and perform server migration to Azure
  • Implement and manage app services.
  • Implement advanced virtual networks
  • Securing identities.

Microsoft Certified Azure Developer

This allows people to prove themselves and show their competence. Microsoft Certified Azure Admins don’t have any exams because of the certification’s design.

During the development of this course, there were two exams. Feedback from the people who took the exams led to merging the certification into one overarching certificate. The azure certifications list will help you choose the best choice for your career.

Eligibility criteria:

This azure learning path certification portfolio is for developers who build software solutions. With this certification, it is clear that the person has the knowledge and abilities required for the job, which are:

  • Azure infrastructure is more reliable, flexible, and scalable than ever before
  • Developing Azure Platform as a Service
  • Develop Azure storage solutions
  • Implement Azure security
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize solutions
  • Connect and use Azure services and third-party services

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

Architects who want to take their skills to the next level can become Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architects. As with other certification exams, both of these tests must be passed to obtain the full certification.

Eligibility criteria:

Learnings from this certification indicate the following knowledge:

  • Implement and configure infrastructure
  • Implement workloads and security
  • Develop and implement applications
  • Securing data
  • Implementations for the cloud
  • Determine workload requirements
  • Designing identities and security
  • Design data platform solutions
  • Design Business Continuity strategy
  • Design for implementation, migration, and integration

Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer

Microsoft, having a vast and powerful Azure system, has introduced a program called “Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer .”With this program, you can help people become more productive while expanding your knowledge of the latest software development.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Azure DevOps Engineer certificate is designed to help those interested in this type of work learn about and get experience with software-defined infrastructure delivery, the cultural shift towards microservices, and how to take a DevOps approach. They have demonstrated their knowledge of this subject through “passing” this exam.

  • Designing a DevOps strategy
  • Implement DevOps development processes
  • Implementing Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Implementing Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Implement dependency management
  • Implement application infrastructure
  • Implement continuous feedback


The new certifications are designed to provide people with a more flexible and practical approach to their career development. Microsoft is making efforts to make it easier for people who want to switch industries or move into different areas of expertise.

Microsoft has taken the lead by offering azure certification paths useful for job seekers regardless of their industry or current career path.